Hoy Panga!

Hoy Panga! “Inihaw na Panga ug Belly ng Tuna”

This new bamboo shack style restaurant is found on the main road, in front of Nirvana Beach Resort. Davao’s famous Hoy! Panga invades Boracay to let the people taste their extraordinary Grilled Tuna Jaw – straight from Davao! Its homey ambiance is perfect for family gatherings or groups who just want to have a bucket of beer. And the best partner for the beer bucket? Tuna Sisig or Grilled Tuna Jaw.


Go there for their best sellers:

  • Inihaw na Panga
  • Tuna Sisig
  • Sinigang na Tuna sa Miso

Additional details:

  • Starting price: Php 150
  • Business Hours: 9:00 AM – 11:00 PM
  • Contact No.: 0916-620-8381
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