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MyBoracayGuide has been doing business on Boracay for over a decade. We own and operate a portfolio of businesses that serve both tourists and residents of the island. From getting here, to leaving here & everything in between, we offer an honest birds-eye perspective of business and property on the island. Navigating these elements in a foreign country or new climate can at times be trying, even frustrating; be it permits legalities or more benign requests.

Our scope of expertise & reputation for honest straight-talk provides interested property buyers and sellers with the most iron clad, hassle free avenue to acquire and/or sell real-estate on Boracay. Clients seeking investment property & purchasing larger units, such as villas and hotels can often take advantage of our successful revenue & property management business. We’re often able to plug directly into your purchase, providing professional guest acquisition, hospitality services & maintenance.

Whatever the scope and size of your project, we would be absolutely thrilled to help you achieve your Boracay Real-Estate goals.  We can connect buyers with sellers directly or recommend a licensed broker to assist you with your transaction.

Please enjoy our website and happy shopping!

Boracay 2.0

Boracay RealEstateNew Rules

    • Hotel Accredation and compliance
    • Tourist ID system
    • Buildings reinspected by Government
    • Transport system re-designed
    • All Property must be in full compliance

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Using the Boracay RealEstate Listings

First, we have included all the property listings from our partners in an easy to use Real Estate Guide.

We have added detailed information to assist you in your search, and indexed and sorted Boracay Property listings in an easy to use guide.

You can go straight to the Boracay Island Property listings here.

Also, we have started our Mainland Boracay section. There is a lot happening on the mainland in anticipation of the Boracay Airport, infrastructure and tourism projects. Prices are still very reasonable, and we are happy to grow this section as property becomes available. You can see the Mainland Property listings here.

In line with MyBoracayGuide’s commitment to bringing the best ‘ Boracay Real Estate ‘ Information possible online, we are very pleased to present Boracay Island Philippine’s available Real Estate and Property to our guide!

Boracay is a great place with some great Boracay properties! We are happy to present all listings from our Boracay Island licensed broker partners to build the MyBoracayGuide Boracay Real Estate super site.

We aren’t real estate agents, and we would refer you to the above licensed brokers if you have in depth questions, or email us with general questions and we’ll help you out. [email protected]

Enjoy and good luck!