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Welcome to the most comprehensive information resource dedicated to Boracay and a few of the surrounding Areas. My Boracay Guide has been servicing travelers to this island since 2007. We offer some of the island's best activities, including traditional favorites, and a few originals that you can’t get anywhere else. We offer a complete door to door transport system from either of the two inbound airports (Kalibo & Caticlan). We also offer great prices on hotel bookings and free airport pickup when you book with us. Many guests first become familiar with My Boracay Guide in the Caticlan Jetty Port where we distribute our free quarterly guidebook, complete with maps, information and all the islands hot new destinations.

We are a local company, proud to have served nearly 1,000,000 travelers in various ways over the years. We look forward to helping you get the knowledge you need to have a fantastic vacation.

Boracay has changed a lot over the years, especially in 2018, 2019 & 2020. There’s an ongoing push from the government to make Boracay, and the Philippines in general, a cleaner, more eco-friendly tourism destination. It’s a push for sustainability, and we’re happy to help. We are updating our guides for 2020 as fast as we can to provide you will all the latest, most accurate information. All the best and see you on the island soon!

-Team MBG

Updated Boracay Travel Requirements Jan 5/2022

Updated January 5, 2022 Grab your sunscreen and sunglasses Boracay is now open for domestic tourists traveling from General Community Quarantine ... read more

RT-PCR Test for Boracay: Fast & Easy Entry

Goodbye Frustration! Boracay RT-PCR Tests have evolved. Going through the various stages of reopening Boracay for travelers has been difficult for ... read more

Boracay Open in October – Top 10 Compliant and Accredited Hotels!

Boracay is set to open to all GCQ areas in the Philippines on October 1st 2020! There are some simple steps to follow to be able to enter the island. ... read more

Approved Boracay Activities List – Covid 2021

Complete and updated list of authorized, accredited & compliant activities in Boracay updated daily 2019/2020 Understanding Accreditation and ... read more

Boracay Travel in the Age of Coronavirus

Boracay and Coronavirus (Covid-19) (Reading time: 5 Minutes) General Boracay Virus Updates Local Boracay environment Government Measures & ... read more

From Bacolod to Boracay / Caticlan

Getting from Bacolod to Boracay via Caticlan starts with a relatively inexpensive ferry to Iloilo.  Please check the links below for the ferry ... read more

From Capiz to Boracay via Caticlan

If you’re going from Capiz to Caticlan / Boracay or visa-versa there’s a few easy details we can provide to help you on your way. The ... read more

From San Jose to Boracay via Caticlan

Unfortunately, hot air balloon service from San Jose to Caticlan / Boracay has been stopped because it turns out air ballons are reeeeaaaly hard to ... read more

From Roxas to Boracay

Looking for great seafood and a huge church bell? Stay in Roxas! But if you’re after vibrant nightlife, sandy beaches, beautiful people and ... read more

The Gym on Boracay

Gyms in Boracay Looking for a gym in Boracay? Below are prices and details. Whether you’re just here for a few quick days and don’t want to ... read more