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First Class Transfer
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Boracay First Class Transfer
Boracay - First Class Transfer
First Class Transportation
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Boracay First Class Transportation


First Class Airport Transportation

Arrive to Boracay with a little more style and comfort. Your experienced logistic team will monitor your incoming flights and be waiting at the arrivals exit of either Caticlan or Kalibo airports with sign in hand ready to take you to the island Paradise of Boracay. This premium service from Caticlan or Kalibo airport directly to your resort on Boracay Island includes all taxes, terminal fees, boat tickets, and vehicles. A perfect way to start your vacation!

Private Van from Kalibo to Boracay

  • Guests arriving in Kalibo airport (KLO) will travel to Caticlan Jetty Port in a new model, private, air-conditioned vans.
  • Guests flying into Caticlan airport (MPH) will be escorted to the Caticlan Jetty Port in an exclusive, air-conditioned van
  • A friendly guide will pre-arrange all your tickets and fees and seamlessly navigate you through the Caticlan Jetty Port to an awaiting private Bangka boat exclusive to your group.
  • When you arrive in Boracay you will be escorted to a spacious, private air-conditioned van.

    Traveling with Children?

    – Children below the age of 5 are free of charge.
    – Child Safety Seats Included (please email for details)

    Travel Times to Boracay

    Private van from Kalibo airport to Caticlan Jetty Port is usually 1.5 hours.
    Exclusive van from Caticlan airport to Caticlan Jetty Port is 10 minutes.
    Private Chartered Bangka Boat from Caticlan Jetty Port to Boracay is 10 minutes
    Air-conditioned van from Boracay Port to your Hotel is about 20 minutes to Station 2

    Does Your Flight Arrive Late at Night?

    Arrivals – Flights Arriving in Kalibo from 8:30 pm to 5:00 am
    Departures –  Flights Departing Kalibo 2:00 am – 9:00 am

    CLICK HERE for Special Night Navigation Rates.

Price Guide

Arrival Caticlan
Number Of PersonsPrice Per PersonTotal

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35 Reviews
avatar - 16, June, 2019 -

Vin Ganzon - BWT29642

If you\'re travelling with Children and elderly book the first class transpo and save yourself the trouble of getting around. We had a very comfy and hassle free service. No lines and everything is paid for. You just enjoy the ride and get there faster and someone is waiting to assist you where to go and with your luggage. Don\'t waste your money on other providers(ISE) as the service is miles apart.
avatar - 12, March, 2019 -

Andreas Wartenweiler - CHAD

We booked the VIP shutle Service from the airport to our hotel. All worked perfect, we dont had to wait in the line at the harbor. We even had a boat for zs alone to the island. <br />

Good job!
avatar - 8, January, 2019 -

Maurits Drijfhout van Hooff - BWT23812

I have used MyBoracayGuide for their transfer services from Kalibo airport to Boracay and beack. We booked the First class transfer service and the service was better in every way than we expected. The staff was very friendly, the whole transfer (bus, boat bus) was super swift, we didn\'t have to wait anywhere, everything was pre-arranged. For the transfer back, they mailed to remind us to bring money for the airport terminal fees - how forthcoming is that? In short, amazing service and would definitely recommend to anyone traveling to Boracay as it makes your travel completely hassle-free.
avatar - 3, December, 2018 -

Chelliah Chinniah - BWT22014

Your service was excellent all round. I would encourage you to advertise your services to all visiting Boracay. You simplified arrival procedures and provided me very pleasant company. Thank you very much
avatar - 19, January, 2018 -

aileen - BWT15881

Recomendable way to reach your hotel and go back to the airport. Me and my cousins book the first class transfer. From the airport all the way to our hotel we were guided by them. They did everything for us we just have to follow. The boat ride were hassle-free you will arrive there with already paid Taxes, Terminal Fees, Boat Tickets. Also we were enthusiastic about riding a private boat exclusively for us without waiting in line. All you have to do is just relax and enjoy.

Keep up the good work! Will definitely recommend you.

avatar - 22, November, 2017 -

Pete in cairns - 383711066

do yourself a favour and book a first class transfer with my Boracay guide. They are waiting for you at the airport. They carry your bags, you have your own car to the ferry terminal.....you go straight through.... no lining up with all the free independent travellers who are trying to save a dollar by doing it themselves. You get your own boat... and then your own aircon van again to take you to your accommodation in Boracay... they get as close as possible to your accommodation and will carry your bags the rest....you will have arrived at your accommodation while the people on the same plane will be still at the ferry terminal buying a ticket... you will be on the beach!!! Word of warning...there are guys at the ferry terminals who will carry your bags if you let them... you have to tip....some try and charge you so much a bag....remember that 100 pesos is only about 3 Aussie dollars so don't haggle too much...
avatar - 2, October, 2017 -


The moment I reach Kalibo airport, Ara welcomed my family and me with bottled water, hand towels, and some souvenirs. We got into a private van exclusive to us, which takes us to the jetty. The guide was very efficient and they move my luggage so quickly into the private Bangka boat! Feels like a private escort to Boracay!

Touchdown and myBoracayguide personnel will help you with your luggage to another private van at Boracay, which leads you straight to the hotel. It feels so seamless to reach my travel destination thanks to them! Thank you so much for the amazing service. Hands down, 5 stars!
avatar - 30, September, 2017 -

Allen - BWT6248

Hello, Please send my gratitude for all the team for your assistance during our holiday. You all are try the gems of Borocay and made our holiday hassle free. Keep up the good work! Will definitely recommend your company to my friends and families. Cheers!
avatar - 25, September, 2017 -

Daniel - BWT7115

AMazing. They guided you from the start to the end of your destination. They will at least have one of their staff with you. All you have to do is just relax and enjoy the trip to your hotel or back to the airport. You even get to skip the long queue at the Jetty when boarding the bot. Best service everrrrr
avatar - 24, September, 2017 -

Paul - BWT12805

We want to say how pleased we have been with your service so far. All your staff have been very pleasant and professional, and we would not hesitate to recomend your service to our friends when they visit Boracay. We especially commend your colleague Bonnie, who took us from the port to our hotel. He was charming and efficient and did a wonderful job entertaining our baby boy. If Bonnie is available to guide us back tomorrw we would be very glad to see him again before we leave Boracay!
avatar - 24, September, 2017 -

(Miss) Li - BWT11650

Worth to take this airport transfer package from the kalibo airport until boracay island.. we no need line up for ticket.. just all the way follow our personal guide until to the hotel .. is good n highly recommended.
avatar - 9, September, 2017 -

Hamley - 641112896

Fast, effective and comfortable rides..
avatar - 14, August, 2017 -

Dan - N/A

We took a First Class transfer from Kalibo to Boracay and the transport arrangement was straightforward. The staffs were very friendly and helpful throughout and I'll definitely recommend friends and family to take up the service.
avatar - 5, June, 2017 -

Jacqui - 538110494

First Class Transfer was very organized. Solo van, solo boat for the 5 of us. Highly recommended.
avatar - 4, May, 2017 -

J-P - 33488861

We booked a first class hotel transfer with My Boracay Guide. It is something I generally would not do but I wanted an enjoyable and stress free start to our trip away. We travelled to Boracay from Caticlan airport over the Labour day weekend. The airport and ferry port were chaotic.. My Boracay Guide somehow managed to fast track us through the chaos and get us to our hotel both in comfort and in a pretty reasonable amount of time given the circumstances. In particular, I would like to thank the young guy that got us and our bags through security and on to our boat so quickly. I wish I had taken note of his name so I could thank him publicly. He did an incredible job. The only negative was that we did not receive our welcome pack but in fairness it was a very chaotic day so with that aside I could not praise them enough. They were truly amazing. I wish we had have used My Boracay Guide for the return trip to the airport.
avatar - 17, April, 2017 -

Ty Grantham - 41557274

Hello. I would like to thank and commend Julius for his excellent service. He did an outstanding job. We have a PWD and Julius made the transfer smooth for us. He was very enthusiastic and helpful all throughout.
avatar - 15, February, 2017 -

Cherrylyn Susada - 8991267

Thank you so much for your help. All appreciated... i would recommend to use myboracayguide to my friends who\'s going to boracay. Thank u and have a good day
avatar - 9, January, 2017 -

Alcantara - 8709250

Easy to get in touch with and picked us exactly when they were supposed to. Friendly staff and they made sure that we had all our things and that we felt welcome. Will definitely use the service again.
avatar - 24, November, 2016 -

Oscar Ferran - 5139236

Hi, I just want to thank you for the service provided during my visit to Boracay, very friendly and responsible staff. Definitively, I will recommend it to any of person who is planning to visit Boracay.
avatar - 25, September, 2016 -

Malcolm - 7537207

I just wanted to say a big THANK YOU to all the organization of \"My Boracay Guide\" in ensuring our trip to Boracay went off so well! Now sad to be back to the reality of everyday office life but I will continue to spread the word or the great job you all do in ensuring visitors have great souvenirs of their time on your island! Thanks again
avatar - 24, August, 2016 -

Julia - 4722212

Hello, My Boracay Guide! Thank you for your excellent service! Very convenient transportation! Thanks for all.
avatar - 19, August, 2016 -

Trevor - 2929216

thanks for your help it was all very professionally done and all your staff were very friendly
avatar - 21, July, 2016 -

Gavin - 2929216

thanks for your help it was all very professionally done and all your staff were very friendly
avatar - 2, July, 2016 -

Barros - 6827182

Hello, As a feedback, all the arrangements for the transportation of my group, upon arrival and departure, was well organized and according to the timing agreed. Thanks a lot for the good service. Regards Rubens
avatar - 21, June, 2016 -

Tan - 6649183

Dear , Thank you all , and your staff very helpful , and the end me want give tips to them , is no time . there so fast out from me . me very like your staff Ryan , pick me in boat there and transfer me to hotel .
avatar - 4, June, 2016 -

Marlon - 9684186

Thank you very much for the assistance that your team have provided! From the time that we arrived until we left Kalibo, your team ROCKS!!! Me and my family appreciate it, thank you again, till next time....
avatar - 18, May, 2016 -

Rainer - 6804168

Hello , I just returned from my trip to Asia and want to thank you for your excellent service. From the moment we arrived in Caticlan (and got the nice necklace as a greeting) until the our departure back to Manila everything went fine. Your guides were very kind and helpful and we enjoyed the activities. If someone asks me in the future, I will definitely recommend MyBoracay tour agency. Best regards, Rainer
avatar - 7, May, 2016 -

Amanda - 5838163

This was the best option to get to the island! From the airport to the other side it took less than 25 min.
avatar - 20, April, 2016 -

Claire - 4956128

hi team, i would like to say \"thank you so much\" for the great service you extended to my family and to my friend noah who i refered to you. Kudos to you for the Job well done...all the staff who assisted us to-from hotel-kalibo airport are the best. God bless,
avatar - 13, April, 2016 -

Vashisth - 6702137

Excellent! !! Keep up the great work people!
avatar - 6, April, 2016 -

Christina - 9415118

Your Boracay guides are very experience and done their job well.
avatar - 3, April, 2016 -

Humberto - 589495

As usual great service overall! Benny (driver) was super polite and on time.
avatar - 26, March, 2016 -

Kiranraj - 549289

Evening Meagan, I was picked up at the airport and comfortably transferred to the hotel. The service was flawless and excellent. I would like to book some activities for tomorrow n day after.
avatar - 28, January, 2016 -

Jennifer - 805478

OMG! u guys are so awesome! thank you so much! will highly recommend u folks to my friends! ye si have received! see you all tml!
avatar - 10, January, 2016 -

Austin - 568427

Thank you so much. The whole group was impressed by your service. Will definitely book w you again when we come back. You guys keep it up!