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Boracay Sunset Cruise

Tour along White Beach and take in all the tropical sights and sounds while you enjoy the spectacular arrays of color of the Boracay sunset.

700PHP*Per person


Group Island Hopping

Visit the famous Puka shell beach and take a stroll on the beach, swim in the azure waters or just relax with a fresh coconut enjoying the sun.

1,500PHP*Per person


Ultimate Cliff Jumping Island Hopping Adventure

Boracay's Number 1 Must Try Adventure!
  • Transportation
  • Hotel pick up
  • 4 Hours Trip
  • Tour Guide
  • 3,500PHP*Per person


    4 Hour Private Boracay Island Hopping Package

    Your Boracay adventure experience will not be complete without this trip! The island is home to more than a dozen

    2,300PHP*Per person


    Paraw Sailing

    Paraw Sailing is a local sail boat activity. The boats use two outriggers and two sails. Experience the traditional way of

    3,500PHP*Per person



    Parasailing on Boracay is a great experience for a few adventure-minded individuals. Imagine being whisked into the sky while strapped

    1,800PHP*Per person


    Boracay Pub Crawl

    Due to the rehabilitation of Boracay (Boracay Pub Crawl) is not allowed until further notice.

    990PHP*Per person


    Sunset Party Cruise Booty

    Due to the rehabilitation of Boracay (Sunset Party Cruise Booty) is not allowed until further notice.

    2,500PHP*Per person


    Ariels Point

    Let us help you experience everything good about Ariel's Point. Many guests come for the 5 different levels of cliff diving; the cliff diving levels are generally suitable for all types of adventurers.

    2,800PHP*Per person


    Stand Up Paddle on the Beach

    Experience how it’s like to glide on the water surface from a Stand-Up Paddle Board. Paddling on a Stand-Up Paddle

    1,000PHP*Per person


    Segway Tours

    Travel off the beaten track in a fun and eco-friendly way in Boracay!

    2,300PHP*Per person


    Helicopter Beach Tour

    Have a 10-minute adrenaline-filled experience of touring the island by helicopter!

    5,400PHP*Per person