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Luna Spa Wine Massage

Pamper yourself and achieve eternal youth with the Luna Spa Cleopatra Wine Massage. A whole body treatment featuring a wine; black sugar foot scrub; foot massage.

4,000PHP*Per person


Four Hand Massage

The Four Hand Massage will uplift your energy and revitalize all your senses, it's the newest island indulgence by having two massage therapists work on you at the same time!

2,200PHP*Per person


The King and Queen Package by Bella Isa Spa

This special My Boracay Guide package is an all day extravaganza at Bella Isa Spa on the beachfront that begins with 4 hours of decadent treatments,

7,750PHP*Per person


Private Yacht Sailing

Private Yacht Sailing – This is our highest-end luxury tour offering. The lavish boat is fully equipped with everything you

5,000PHP*Per person


Mermaid Lesson

NOT AVAILABLE Suit up with a flamboyant tail and swim in the sparkling sea with the grace and vibrance of

2,300PHP*Per person


Wind Surfing

For water sports enthusiasts, Boracay is also home to windsurfing! Wind surfing is a combination of sailing and surfing, where you can ride the waves while sailing strong winds.

2,900PHP*Per person


Kite Boarding

Boracay Kiteboarding is very well known. It’s known as the best kite surfing location in Asia. Bulabog beach, or Boracay’s

3,500PHP*Per person


Jet Ski

Adults 18yrs old and above are allowed to drive the units Your vacation wouldn’t be complete without a fun Boracay

2,500PHP*Per person


Helmet Dive

Only 13 yrs old and above are allowed to dive Spend a blissful rendezvous underwater with vibrant fishes and corals

1,500PHP*Per person



Free Diving Boracay lets you discover the magic of the ocean with just one breath of air, without the heavy

7,000PHP*Per person


Scuba Diving

PRICE DISCLAIMER: RATE BELOW IS SUBJECT TO CHANGE WITHOUT PRIOR NOTICE This activity is not recommended for those with medical

2,500PHP*Per person


Reverse Bungy

The Reverse Bungy skyrockets you 60 meters above sea level at an adrenaline-charged speed of 200kph! Ready for blast-off right on the island of Boracay.

1,700PHP*Per person