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Coming to Boracay is Safe and Easy. Contact us below to begin planning your escape from the city!

MyBoracay Safe&Clean Stays

Boracay Retreats while the Philippines deals with COVID-19

This program is specifically tailored for families or small groups from urban areas that are looking to come to Boracay for some fresh air and relaxation after heavy quarantines and lockdowns in the cities.

Boracay may be opening to select visitors in the near future subject to requirements and restrictions.

MyBoracayVillas is partnered with more than 30 of Boracay’s best Beach Houses and Villas. 

In partnership with the MyBoracay Safe&Clean Stays program, special discounted rates for weekly or monthly stays have been arranged.

MyBoracayGuide has carefully crafted protocols and elevated safety and training programs to ensure that your stay with us bring you the peace of mind you deserve for yourself and your group.

Boracay Villas

MyBoracayGuide Massively Discounted Villas and Apartments

Rates up to 80% off normal prices

Select Premium Properties available for stays of weeks or months

Villas are private properties with no other guests.

Apartments are large private units with clean common area policies.

MyBoracayGuide Health and Safety Programs

  • Elevated Sterilization and Disinfecting Protocols

  • Contactless Checkin. Check in from your home before you come

  • 24 hours between guest stays. Rooms and Villas are certified Safe&Clean

  • Elimination of Touch Points

  • Special Programs and Partnerships with Boracay Island’s top clinics

  • COVID-19 special training for all staff

  • PPE/Mask/Gloves program for all hospitality teams

  • Laundry cleaned in accordance with CDC guidelines


Travel Plans:   Coming to Boracay in June/July/August may require specific paperwork and permits.

As these requirements become clear, MyBoracayGuide will facilitate these requirements

Clean Transport: 

Airlines will be implementing their own safety policies.

Upon landing in Caticlan, MyBoracayGuide will provide a clean and disinfected private van at the Caticlan airport.  This is a MyBoracayGuide private van with a COVID-19 trained driver in PPE; and the van will not have been used for any other guest in the last 24 hours.

Crossing to Boracay will be in a private boat or a private speedboat as per guest preferences.

Upon arrival in Boracay, another clean and disinfected private van will transfer your group to your villa; again with COVID-19 trained personelle in PPE.

Hand Sanitizer kits are issued complimentary to all transfer guests.

Medical Services:
 COVID-19 IgM/IgG Rapid Testing is available in the comfort of your villa. The cost is currently P 3,000 per test, and they are available on Boracay, and we are working to bring down that cost. By the time of your visit, the price per test will be more reasonable. MyBoracayGuide is partnered with Metropolitan Clinic; a top rated private clinic on the island.

Food Services:  MyBoracayGuide has an impressive food delivery program.  All food delivery fees waived for MyBoracayVillas guests.  Boracay has fantastic food! Please see the complete menu here:


Housekeeping Services:   MyBoracayVillas staff has all undergone special COVID-19 training.  Staff that enter the villas are equipped with special PPE equipment including masks and gloves; and following strict protocols.  Entry and exit of the villa can be coordinated and tailored to the specifications of the guests. There is also an option for quarantined staff that have been exclusively quarantined at and isolated at our headquarters to be your exclusive housekeeping attendant for the duration of your stay.

DOT logo

Department of Tourism

Health and Safety Guideline Protocols


Thermal Gun Body Temperature Testing checked at the villa/hotel entrance by trained security team.

Sanitizing Mats for footwear at all entrances.

Emergency Contact Information:   Medical and Hospital Contacts, DOH and Municipal Health Office Contact information and key people.

Medical Kit and PPE at Front Office:   Disinfectant and Hand Sanitizer Available, Front Office Team wearing Face Masks, Tissues available, and Disposable Gloves available. 

Floor Markers that allow 1 meter distance between guest and front office. No queuing.


Room Occupancy Policy:

Maximum Occupancy or number of people in room strictly followed.

Disinfectant Hand Sanitizer and Premium Soap available free of charge in all rooms.

Special Trash Bin for disposal of PPE, masks, gloves, and/or materials that have come into personal contact.

Rooms set up for “in-room” dining with room delivery program.


Housekeeping Staff :

Training:  All Staff to be trained in MyBoracay Safe&Clean Policies and undergo training. Management oversight of clean hands policies.

Room Entry:  All staff must use PPE Masks, Gloves, protective Apron, closed shoes, and eye protection gear [Goggles]

Change of Clothes:  Housekeeping staff must travel to and from work in different clothes other than uniform. Uniform must be removed and placed in plastic bag before leaving the Hotel, and washed at home.

Room Decontamination:

After Guest checkout:  Room is not to be entered by any staff for 24 hours. After this period, the room must be disinfected and decontaminated in accordance with Elevated Safe&Clean procedures.

Before Guest checkin:  Room must be empty and unoccupied for 24 hours after disinfecting and prior to new guest checkin.

Ventilation:  Rooms must be ventilated completely while the housekeeping process is ongoing.

Clean Laundry must sit for a period of 24 hours after washing and disinfecting before being returned to use.

Villa Caemilla Boracay

Do all the things you dreamed of in lockdown

boracay transportation caticlan kalibo airport transfer First Class Myboracayguide
boracay transportation caticlan kalibo airport transfer First Class Myboracayguide

Premium Clean TRANSPORT





SELECT your Beach House, Villa or Luxury Apartment from our 30 special properties. MyBoracayGuide Safe&Clean Stay teams are specifically prepared to take care of your group or family.