From Kalibo to Boracay Including Night Arrivals

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How to get from Kalibo to Boracay

Coming from Kalibo and going to Boracay can seem like a stressful event for a traveler who’s never been to Boracay before. In truth, it is quite a bit more troublesome than just landing in Caticlan, but the good news is it’s not impossible, and some might even call it enjoyable!

How We Can Help

Let us help you get from Kalibo to Boracay. In addition to having the widest selection of Hotels on Boracay Island, My Boracay Guide also has friendly and reliable staff in the field, working diligently to make our customers happy every single day. At any point in your journey – Kalibo, Caticlan or Boracay – If you absolutely want to arrive on the island with a smile, let us help you. We can make things trouble free, easy, and yes – even fun!

Kalibo to Boracay Standard Transport

Our most popular package is the all inclusive Standard Transfer. We monitor your incoming flights, and make sure you receive a warm welcome in Kalibo or Caticlan, and navigate your company back to beautiful Boracay in the lap of comfort. We arrange the drivers, transport, and terminal fee’s for you in advance. For more information on our reasonable prices, and convenient hassle free booking have a look at our standard transports here.

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Air Transfers

Finally, for those of you that just don’t want to deal with any of the anxiety associated with traveling between Kalibo and Boracay, we have private airplane charters available. Perfect for your honeymoon, a quick get away, or a power trip to the island. For prices, routes and booking visit our Boracay Private Air Charters page.

I ‘m sure we can help make your kalibo to Boracay transport a trouble free, enjoyable adventure. If you have further questions or special requests, please don’t hesitate to contact one of our friendly team members. We’re truly keen to assist you in making your Boracay vacation a mind blowing success!


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Kalibo to Boracay on your own

When you land in Kalibo, clear customs and find your bags, you can find many independent drivers outside, if you find one you like, negotiate a price to the port. The prices for each type of service are different but it’s about sixty pesos for a jeepney to upwards of 1000 pesos for a private van. Many vacation goers choose to use some of the reasonably priced, safety certified transport specialists who take care of all the important details. This allows you to just kick back and enjoy your ride through the grass capped mountains and pristine coastlines on the ninety minute Kalibo to Boracay drive.

Landing in Kalibo

After you clear the airport you will more or less have three choices for transport to Boracay. These choices being bus, van or Jeepney. If you share one of the many vans waiting outside the airport with strangers, a seat will cost around 100 pesos. If you want to haggle a price, you can simply charter the van by yourself. The Jeepneys are the cheapest option, and are great for budget travelers who enjoy the grind of adventure!

Arranging transport at the Caticlan Jetty Port

Once you get into the Jetty Port, you have to pay several small fees at different windows for a grand total of 125 pesos, though this amount could change. After that, you will go through a security search and then walk down to the port, find which boat you have a ticket for and wait. As with the overland Kalibo to Caticlan transfer, private transport companies are also available to complete this process for you.


Getting from Kalibo to Boracay at night

For those of you flying into Kalibo airport at night, we offer a special Night navigation Transfer to Boracay. Anyone arriving at an unfamiliar airport in the middle of the night is bound to feel uncomfortable; asking the guy in the shadows for directions doesn’t seem like the safest choice! Our team will meet you at the arrivals exit of the Kalibo airport. We will escort you to an awaiting private air-conditioned van and send you on your way to Boracay.

Because Night Navigation requires special attention, (at the same great price) please email us at [email protected] let us know your travel times and we will be there!


Welcome to Boracay!

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