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After many days adventure, and several nights of party, the ideal relaxing vacation for some often includes a day of burrowing in the air conditioning, watching the television and ordering in. Here’s a convenient list of some of the best delivery Boracay has to offer.

Aria pizza

Aria Pizza is located right next to the beach path in D-Mall. The Aria Pizza is a thin crust pizza made using the finest authentic Italian ingredients, and baked under a traditional woodfire oven. In addition to pizza, they offer delicious pastas, fresh green salads, and more. To summon your very own Aria pizza in Boracay, call 288-5573.

Bistro Valhalla

Valhalla has a large menu of mouth watering dishes, using only the finest of ingredients. Though it is more expensive than your average Boracay restaurant, Valhalla won’t disappoint and you truly get what you pay for. Valhalla is fine dining delivery for that special holiday occasion. Call 288-5979 for delivery in Boracay.

Bite Club

Bite club is one of Boracay’s premier burger joints. They offer a wide variety of original toppings that will please the hardened soul of any burger aficionado. From mozzarella stuffed burgerellas, to the awe inspiring one pound triple X burger, they will more than satisfy your lust for beef. For Delivery in Boracay call 288-5947.


Chopstick Noodle House located in D-Mall serves up a variety of fantastic Asian cuisine. You can find all your favorites such as dumplings, spring rolls, chicken satay, mul neng myun, chow mein, chicken curry, fried rice and more. If you’re a fan of kimchi this is a place that shouldn’t be missed. For delivery in Boracay call 288-6784.


Cocomangas is located in Station one, and has been a Boracay institution since 1987. The Cocomangas specialty is pizza, but also has many other appetizers you can round out your meal with. Cocomangas may also be your best bet for late night service. Click here for the Cocomangas menu, and call 288-4455 for Boracay Delivery.


This quaint little restaurant tucked into one of the back paths of D-Mall serves up all your favorite Greek dishes. Now you can eat like a Greek God from the comfort of your own hotel room. (Hopefully not like the god Cronus, who tends to eat his own children) Dips, appetizers, soups, salads, shish-kabobs, pasta, house specialties, gyros, seafood, vegetarian, deserts, and a fine wine list. Cyma has it all, and does it right. Telephone 288-4283 for delivery in Boracay.

Demario Pizza

Demario pizza is located in Station three. This thin crust authentic Italian pizza is tasty right down to the last bite. Call 288-3601 for your Demario delivery in Boracay.

Fish Bar

No surprises, Fish Bar covers your cravings for marine cuisine. Fish Bar is located in D-Mall. 500 pesos minimum order for delivery. Call 288-4026.


Hama is a Japanese cuisine restaurant located in D-Mall. You can order appetizing sushis and sashimis, fresh seafood and meat dishes, noodles and tempura dishes as well as healthy salads. If you’re looking for a taste of authentic, modern, Japanese food just call 288-5978 for delivery in Boracay.


California, 1954 – Sherwood “Shakey” Johnson pools his funds with those of college friend, Ed Plummer to open the first Shakey’s outlet. Now you too, can pool your funds and get Shakey’s in Boracay! They also have wings, pasta, giant party sandwiches and much more available for delivery. You can view the Shakey’s menu here and place your order by calling their Boracay delivery number at 288-1777.


Smoke has smaller sized portions, but the food is good and the prices just can’t be beat. If you’re budget traveling and need delivery this is a good place to start. Call 288-6014 for your Boracay delivery.

Yellow Cab

Yellow Cab pizza has many international franchises and Boracay is no exception – if you’re craving a pizza that reminds you of home look no further. Yellow Cab specializes in New York style pizza and is good value for your dollar. You can find the Yellow Cab menu here. For Delivery in Boracay call 288-5550.

YumSing Sea Food Restaurant

Hidden away in the second floor of a building in E-Mall, this little known dark horse really delivers. YumSing has more than fifty different Asian dishes, covering both Cantonese and mainland cooking styles. It should be noted the prices are also very reasonable. Call 506-3195 for Boracay delivery.

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