Boracay Low Season

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Boracay low Season

The Boracay low season runs from June to October. This is when the winds change and blow eastward to the white beach. There’s also more rain at this time of year. One will find relatively fewer tourists and better deals on accommodation. Most of the rates for island activities are also significantly lower.

The eastern side of the island comes into its own during Boracay’s low season, and because of its calmer waters, Bulabog Beach is the new location for jet ski rides, banana boats and other fun family activities.

During these serene months, Boracay moves at a much slower pace. Friends take the time to bond with one another over a meal, a bottle of wine or card games. The sun still gives us a show each evening as it sets, and Boracay’s great restaurants still serve up some of the best food anywhere. After all the partying and events over Boracay’s high season it’s nice to slow down the pace a bit.

So, whatever your objective, be it partying, pampering or relaxation, there is a place and a time for you on this ever-changing island.

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