Boracay Holy Week 2016 – What to Do?!

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Holy Week on Boracay 2016. What a show.

This weekend is the peek of only a handful of weekends where Boracay straight up goes mental. If you like to be where the action and energy is at, then you’ve found the one spot kicking it off on a global scale between March 23rd and March 27th this 2016. In recent years, all night Holy Week parties have been tempered to show respect for Good Friday and the Easter weekend, but that doesn’t mean there’s a lack of Energy on the Island. This is still a week of hustle, bustle & more.

All the action does inevitably raise a few issues though, and here’s a few ways we help out folks on the island each year:

1. Every year someone shows up trying to walk the beach for a hotel. If you landed in Holy Week, you’re going to have a really, really, long walk looking for that available hotel room. No one knows island hotels like we do. Call us at (+63) (36) 288-9999 and we’ll do our best to get you to that place where you get to put down your bags.

2. As a rule, travel schedules aren’t made in stone. If you find yourself having to leave the island earlier than you had planned for, our transport team can help you. We’ll pick you up, carry your bags through the long lines, and get you where you need to go. Click HERE to book online from Mobile.

3. No one comes to Boracay on Holy Week to enjoy the lightning fast internet from inside a hotel room 😉 Getting out and doing something is healthy on the body and easy on the soul. We have the largest list of Boracay Activities. You can book them from the island, right on your mobile device. Click HERE for our current list of island activities. Popular ones include all manner of water sports and spa / massage treatments.

Finally, one suggestion we think might be enjoyable for a lot of people. Try a Mainland Adventure this weekend. If you’re going to be on the island for a whole week, there will be moments where shrinking away from the heaviness of this crowd for some peace, quiet, and “me time” may be good on the spirit. How would you like to be with a small group of people exploring the depths of a dark cave right now? feeling its silent pulse; relaxing with the low key life within? Maybe on the top of a mountain surrounded by Jungle and your close friends? How about in the middle of a river enjoying a beer and a bon fire? Dinner cooked up in the jungle? Music provided by birds, lizards and crickets?

Boracay Holy Week 2016

If any of this sounds even remotely more attractive than say….watching the roaming bands of handsome people sporting the newest in lightweight swimwear, come on over and book a mainland adventure trip this Holy Week 2016 by clicking HERE (Definitely still a judgement call!!)


My Boracay Guide wishes you the most peaceful, trouble free and satisfying travels possible this 2016 Holiday season!



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