Boracay On a Budget – Only PHP 1,000 a day!

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Boracay on a Budget

My Boracay Guide On The Ground | July 12th 2015

Stay, eat, drink, and be Merry in Boracay at no more than PHP 1,000.00 a day!

Boracay’s white beach is truly a sight to behold; its beauty attracts tourists from many parts of the world, and with that, a lot of business as well. First class hotels, beachfront bars and exemplary restaurants are sprawled out on White Beach, giving Boracay’s visitors many excellent options to choose from. For travelers on a budget, this can get intimidating. It might even make you think twice about coming to the island.

Don’t think twice! book a trip – you don’t have to cross off this vacation spot from your bucket list, as not everything in Boracay has to be expensive. You can still come and enjoy the sun, the powder white sand and the crystal clear waters of the most beautiful beach in Asia at no more than PHP 1,000.00 a day!


When is Boracay the Most Affordable & Where Should I stay?

lightbulb Tip: The best time to come to Boracay with this budget is from June to September, earlier or later in the year and room rates tend to go up.

Below is a short list of Boracay Budget room accommodations for less than PHP 500.00 per person, per night. You can book a room at any of the following resorts through MyBoracayGuide, and even get an additional 5% off on your budget Boracay Hotel.

  • Morning Star Beach Resort is a beachfront resort in Station 3, and you can book the Fan Room for 2 persons at PHP 425.00 per head, per night.
  • Bamboo Beach Resort is also a beachfront resort in Station 3, ideal for large groups. You can book the Grand Family Room for 8 persons PHP 447.00 per head, per night.
  • Casa Pilar Beach Resort is another beachfront resort in Station 3, you can book their Fan Room for 2 persons at PHP 471.00 per head per night.
  • MNL Beach Hostel is a hip new hostel on the island, located in Bulabog. You can book a bed in their air conditioned Dorm at PHP 451.00 per head per night.

Ok, I’m On Boracay. I’ve Saved a Bunch of Money on Accommodations. Now What?!

lightbulb Tip: On Boracay, Regular tricycle rates start at PHP 10.00 per head, per way

Once you are all checked in and settled, it’s time to eat! You can take a nice stroll along the beach, or hop in a tricycle from the main road to your next destination. We recommend walking, so as to enjoy the sights, and get familiar with the island. You’re sure to find some excellent local food that costs next to nothing.

Here is a list of quality local restaurants you can explore while visiting Boracay on a budget. Carenderias are popular in Boracay; they provide home cooked meals for both residents and visitors at affordable prices. Customers simply choose from an array of food items, and pay for a serving. We have listed a few local favorites below, where you can have a full meal for less than PHP 100.00.

Shanghai Eatery

Location: Station 3 Main Road – in Emall
Everyone’s Favorite: Shanghai Rice at PHP 60.00
Breakfast: Silog available all day at PHP 60.00
Ulam: Starts at PHP 35.00
Fresh Fruit Shake available


Jaspers Tapsilog and Resto

Location: Station 2, Main Road – next to Crafts Supermarket
Everyone’s favorite: Clubhouse Sandwich at PHP 55.00
Barbecue: PHP 20.00 per stick available for dinner
Breakfast: silog available in the morning only at PHP 65.00
Ulam: starts at PHP 35.00
Fried chicken PHP 45.00

jaspers boracay

Kolai Mangyan Fudhaus

Location: Station 1, Main Road – across from Club Paraw
Everyone’s Favorite: Budbud Mix at PHP 65.00
Liemposilog: (liempo + egg + rice), Embosilog (Embotido + egg + rice) available at PHP 60.00

kolai budget boracay

Crown Regency Prince Resort Tokwa’t Baboy

Location: Station 1, Main Road – across from Crown Regency Prince Resort
Everyone’s favorite: Tokwa’t baboy at PHP 25.00
Goto PHP 25.00

tokwat boracay budget


Buffet in Boracay

For some, one meal at a Carenderia may not be enough. We took the liberty of listing affordable all you can eat deals on the island, if in case you are willing to go a little over the thousand peso budget at one point during your trip, or you may opt to skip the drinks and dinner to go for a buffet instead.

Sun Asian Kitchen – PHP 300.00
Location: Station 1, White Beach, in-house restaurant of Sun Villas
5:00pm – 11:00pm daily
Eat all you can Mongolian grill, inclusive of one citrus drink.

Villa de Oro Restaurant PHP 250.00
Location: Station 2, White Beach
6:00pm – 10:00pm daily
Eat all you can Filipino OR Mongolian dishes.

Bamboo Beach Resort Restaurant PHP 295.00
Location: Station 3, White Beach
6:00pm – 10:00pm daily
Eat all you can native lechon, seafood, grilled chicken and pork, with bottomless juice.

Kalinga Bar & Restaurant – PHP 280.00
Location: Station 2, White Beach, Victory Divers in-house restaurant
6:00pm – 10:00pm daily
Eat all you can seafood dinner buffet.


Boracay HAPPY HOUR!!

(Note, these prices often change, we will do our best to keep you updated!)

Location: Station 1, Main Road
7:30pm – 9:30pm – 2 for 1
San Miguel Beer at PHP 100.00 and Cocktails at PHP 170.00

Exit Bar
Location: Station 2, White Beach, beside Red Coconut
Happy Hour All Day
Local Beer and Local Cocktails at PHP 50.00

Location: Station 2, White Beach, end of D’mall
2:00pm to 8:00pm – 2 for 1
San Miguel PHP 80.00

Calypso and Sanga Bar
Location: Station 2, White Beach, next to Fashion Rack Designer Outlets (formerly Tourist Center)
5:00pm – 7:00pm
San Miguel at PHP 55.00 and 50% off on selected cocktails

Bom Bom / Pat’s Bar
Location: Station 2, White Beach, where D’Mall meets the beach path
2:00pm – 8:00pm – 2 for 1
San Miguel at PHP 60.00

Red Coco Bar
Location: Station 2, White Beach, Red Coconut Beach Hotel
4:00pm – 8:00pm – 2 for 1
All cocktails

Deparis Beach Resort
Location: Station 2, White Beach
5:00pm – 10:00pm – 2 for 1

A working example for your expenses for one day in Boracay:

Boracay on a Budget info


BORACAY ACTIVITIES – What to do in Boracay on a Budget

Boracay is the home of the best kiteboarding beach in Asia, and is an excellent spot to learn this sport. The Bike Tour is a great way to get to know the island, and parasailing just as the sun sets on White Beach is a magnificent experience.

These are only a few of the activities available in Boracay. Although they are not included in the budget, these are some things that you should try at least once in your lifetime! Booking two activities through our MyBoracayGuide activities service will help you stay on track with your money. We offer a discount on all of your succeeding activities & help lower the cost of adventure and keep your trip on track!


Boracay being costly only depends on how you want to spend your holiday and what you would like to do. For beach bums at heart who enjoy playing frisbee and volleyball by the beach, or simply swimming, snorkeling, getting a tan and watching the sunset over the horizon, Boracay at PHP 1,000.00 a day is entirely possible; and still, highly enjoyable.

Need help? Talk to a Boracay expert.


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