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Your Boracay Beach Vacation

Boracay Beach Vacation A little advance planning definitely helps you make the most of your time and money in Boracay Island. Research about the ... read more

Cliff Diving Ariels Point

Cliff Diving Ariels Point Ariel’s Point is a must see place to go if you want to transform you ordinary vacation into a fun and unforgettable ... read more

Diving in Boracay

What is a tropical vacation without checking the local marine life? Boracay has gained a solid reputation for macro diving because of calm tides and ... read more

Boracay Station 2

If your ideal resort in Boracay is one that is close to the action, then Boracay Station 2 is the right spot for you. This area is often flocked with ... read more Boracay Blog

Warm greetings from Boracay and the MyBoracayGuide staff! is a team of Boracay experts assembled to share the beauty of Boracay ... read more