Sunday Funday

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Sunday Fun Day, A.K.A. how to Relax on Boracay

It’s been a long week on the island. Maybe you were on vacation, maybe you were here on business, maybe you live and work on the island. There’s something hardwired into modern culture that makes Sundays special. If you’re already on vacation, what could still make a Sunday feel like a Sunday? (other than church!) Everyone’s a bit different, but here are some suggestions from our on the ground crew.

Front beach

Dine, swim, watch the sunset, enjoy happy hour, get a suntan, talk with strangers, relax! Station one has long been known as the race car of white sandy beaches. Stations two and three are good, the Diniwid beach area has character, but station one is the prize. There are several beachfront restaurants you can check out, but there are two in particular that we can strongly recommend.


Mayas has first-floor beachfront seating,  a walkup bar & there’s a full second floor overlooking the beach. The menu is excellent, service is great and there are often happy hour drink specials. It’s also fairly quiet, which is nice on a Sunday.

• Address: Station 1,Brgy.Balabag, Boracay, Boracay, Philippines
• Phone: +63 36 288 6119

mayas on boracay



Whitehouse Boracay is another great Sunday beach destination. There is both a restaurant menu and a BBQ menu – the food is fantastic. Whitehouse is situated perfectly on White beach with at least 30 meters of glorious white sand stretched way out in front of the establishment, depending on how you measure it. It’s the perfect spot for a drink and a swim. There’s a freshwater swimming pool & wading pool that kids love, as well as lounge chairs on the sand and shaded umbrella seating on the deck area.

• Address: Station 1,Brgy.Balabag, Boracay, Boracay, Philippines
• Phone: +63 36 288 3675

Spa & Massage

A popular Boracay activity has always been spa & massage. There are a multitude of options that range from cheap, to expensive, from rough to relaxing, or from… blind or not.. blind. There are several massage and spa shops that line most of Boracay’s well-travelled roads, pop in and try one. Along the beach path, there are usually many independent contractors offering massage, as well as a few massage stations that offer blind massage. Boracay has changed a lot in 2018 and 2019. We have listed the upmarket massage packages that remain open and excited for your patronage. Click through for the 2019 list.



There’s no shortage of great places to dine on Boracay. Local fusion, Italian, Mexican, Japanese, Korean, Indian, Chinese – really, name your flavor and dig in. You can live on this island for years and somehow find something new every time you go out. As mentioned above, Mayas and Whitehouse both have great food. If you want to get sun, fun, and food all in one place start there. If you’re looking for a standalone dining experience to cap off an active vacation here are a few suggestions you may find helpful.

There’s something about being high up in the tree’s that just simply works. Maybe it’s the sound, maybe it’s the view, maybe it’s not. From arrival until exit, Shangri-la’s well maintained and wonderfully designed grounds provide you with that luscious “premium product” feeling; an elite experience.

shangrila boracay


We don’t mean to jump on the bandwagon here, as this restaurant does very well on trip advisor, clearly. In previous years you didn’t have to make a reservation, but due to its emerging fame, it may be recommended that you do so. It’s not a large restaurant & conquers its well-received atmosphere in a very different way than The Shangri-la. This is a quaint, no frills, earthy Italian restaurant that serves absolutely authentic dishes. Despite becoming very well known, it somehow retains and exudes that “Aha, I’ve found something unique! A secret… my secret!!” a feeling of the road less travelled; the one that experience seekers tend to crave. Perhaps it’s the perfect Sunday stop.



What are your favourite Sunday destinations on Boracay? Let us know in the comments section!

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