Snorkeling Around Boracay Island, Philippines

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It’s simply great snorkeling in the Philippines.  Some of the best snorkeling around Boracay can be found taking one of our island hopping tours. If you’d more interested in a quick DIY adventure, you can grab your gear and a trike or single bike to one of several spots around the island. If you need to purchase some snorkel gear, this can be found in D’mall.

What marine life can I see on Boracay?

Boracay lies on the Sibuyan Sea. As such, you could technically encounter most varieties of shallow water marine life found in the Sibuyan Sea.  It comes down to frequency and location. Around Boracay proper, there have been reports of smaller reef sharks, sea turtles, barracuda and many more types of interesting wild marine life.  However, the frequency of these sightings is not very high. If you’re an early riser, try going just after sunrise before the boat & beach life picks up. A good rule of thumb is to remember not to touch any of the marine life, although the areas surrounding Boracay are overwhelmingly safe, (usually jellyfish free) you really never know what strange creatures you may encounter.

Tip: If you’ve got an underwater camera or just want to watch the fish frolic, bring a package of crackers with you.

There is snorkeling on both tips of the island however the currents are quite a bit stronger here. For a recreational swimmer looking for a great underwater view but a less challenging swim with only smaller currents or waves, Station three, near Angol point is probably your best bet.  Station three is mostly protected from wind and wave, and the currents are usually fairly slack.

stn 3 snorkelling


Some of the best Snorkeling has traditionally been in the Tambisaan area of the island, around crocodile rock. There are more speed boats in this area, however.

tambisaan snorkel boracay

From the beach, what you’re looking for are darker spots with more solid edges out in the water. This generally indicates structure of some sort, and fish will congregate. Swim over and check these areas out. Darker spots without solid edges can indicate seaweed areas, which aren’t quite what you’re looking for. If you are trying to Snorkel in the Bulabog beach area, note that it’s quite shallow and weeded. As you walk & wade out to snorkel depth, beware sea urchins that may be hidden below.

For those that are more adventure Minded, My Boracay Guide has a snorkeling activity that includes a standup paddleboard & snorkel gear. You can use the board to get further out and explore more areas; it’s also fantastic exercise over several muscle groups. Really a “feel good” adventure that also has an element of underwater exploration, all wrapped into one convenient package.

My Boracay guide has excellent areal drone footage of Boracay Island – If you’d like to use it to spot reefs and structure for your own snorkel adventure here’s the link.



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