RT-PCR Test for Boracay: Fast & Easy Entry

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Goodbye Frustration! Boracay RT-PCR Tests have evolved.

Going through the various stages of reopening Boracay for travelers has been difficult for both governing agencies and tourists. One of the most common problems our guests experience is the wide variety of cost, location, and especially the timing of the Boracay Covid RT-PCR test. My Boracay Guide has partnered with Park & Swab Diagnostic Center in Manila to take all the guesswork and hassle out of getting cleared for island entrance.

We couldn’t be more excited about how easy & safe it has become to land on our ultra-rehabilitated beaches!

Here are the quick details of the Covid test:

    • 48 Hour RT-PCR test home service OR Drive-thru service
    • ₱3,600/patient
    • Pay directly to clinic testing
    • Get all your results delivered by email 24 – 48 hours after testing
    • CLEARED –  come to Boracay!

Park & Swab will come to your house to perform the test. Alternatively, you can also go to the clinic & drive through test if that’s a more convenient option. Having a last-minute trip? just add ₱400 for 24 Hour results.

When booking one of our Villas My Boracay Guide will assist in making all the arrangements for island entry on your behalf.


No stress. No worry. No problem.

Just Beaches.


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Questions about the process of entering the island? Here’s a helpful infographic to speed you on the way.

Boracay Open RT-Testing


  1. Angelique says:

    Hello. I believe a PCR test is no longer needed to enter Boracay if you are fully vaccinated. Is this accurate?
    Also, is there a testing center in Boracay island where I can get a PCR test done before departing back to my country? Thank you.

  2. blank Michael says:

    with this new process, is it better to book everything after receiving the results, or book in advance then do the test before the dated trip?

    • blank Unknown Author says:

      Hello Michael!

      Either way will do as long as you will not exceed to 72 hrs validity of the RT-PCR test result. please note that you need to send these requirements to the Aklan verifying team to secure a QR code in order to board the plane.

      Happy to help!


  3. blank Reddman Talisam says:

    Hi there, I was wondering for the drive through RT-PCR test who I have to call to place a booking for this and usually how long it will take?

    • Hello Reddman,

      Thank you for reaching us.

      Here are the following requirements to enter Boracay Island for Non-Aklanon Tourists :

      1.Those travelling by air shall be via Caticlan Airport only and the OHDC-QR code is a pre-boarding requirement and no arriving/departing passengers shall be allowed to board without the QR code:
      2. Those travelling by sea, it is also a pre-boarding requirement that they register to the OHDC-QR Code system of the province at the port of origin. This same QR Code shall be presented to the scanning personnel at the port of Caticlan before they are allowed to disembark from the vessel and also at Caticlan/Tabon Port before allowed to proceed to Boracay Island.
      3. Those travelling by land are also required to register their OHDC-QR Code at the provincial border control and the same QR Code shall be used to enter and exit Boracay
      4. All domestic tourists to be able to secure an OHDC-QR Code shall log on to touristboracay.com as TOURISTS and shall submit when required:
      A.) booking confirmation voucher from DOT Accredited accommodation establishment
      B.) Negative RT-PCR Test Result not earlier than 72 hours from date of collection of specimen to date of travel
      C.) Proof of identification with Philippine Residency;
      D.) Roundtrip flight/travel details

      Please let us know if you need assistance in finding safe, clean accommodations so we can send you options. Just inform us of your email address, travel dates, and mobile contact number so we can provide you room rates and photos.

      Best regards,

      Landline: +63 36 288 9999
      Email: [email protected]

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