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Reopening Boracay Activities

Boracay activities that are currently available

With the majority of Boracay rehabilitation being complete and the travel closure lifted, Boracay is back in action and more beautiful than ever! More and more hotels are DOT accreted and opening their doors for eager tourists ever day. Now there are some major changes that have happened with the reopening. For one thing the hundreds of vendors selling sunglasses, massages and jet skis have been thinned out to only a handful and in designated locations. Activities are no longer allowed to be booked by vendors on White Beach. You must book with a DOT accredited travel agency or your hotel.

This new regulation means it’s now safer and more organized to get the Boracay activities you desire. Not all Boracay activities are currently available but there still are lots of great things to do in Boracay.
Cliff jumping at Magic Island is a fantastic way to start you vacation with a bang! This is essentially Boracay Island Hopping but with an additional hop due to the current ban on bangka boats landing on White Beach. This modified Boracay Island Hopping needs to first go to Malay and then a short 5 minute boat ride to Magic Island just between Boracay and Caticlan.

Here is a great location for cliff jumping similar to Ariel’s Point but much closer to Boracay. There are multiple levels for beginners and experienced cliff divers. There is also fantastic snorkeling and diving to be had around the island. If you are brave enough you can even go directly under the Island and scuba dive through a cave! A delicious feast of local style BBQ is also included similar to other Boracay Island Hopping lunches. Needless to say this is a fantastic day trip!


What better way to explore Boracay than by getting a bird’s eye view of paradise. Take to the sky in a helicopter and see all there is to see of paradise. Boracay Tours are a fantastic way to understand how Boracay has developed and you might even spot some of the secret beaches you can explore on a Boracay Land Tour. If you want to spread your wings and go further there are always longer trips you can take to explore nearby islands.

Mainland distillery Eco Tour

If you have had enough of beach life and want to experience something unique to the Philippines then a trip to the mainland is just the thing to tickle your fancy. Start out by enjoying a delicious feed in the jungle next to a pristine river where Boracay’s fresh water is pumped from. Go for a dip to cool off before heading to another river with a mini waterfall you can relax in and get a free waterfall massage! After cooling down in the river it’s time to check out a fantastic cave where you will traverse through a mountain side and see thousand year old crystallized stalactites and stalagmites. You will go right through the mountain and come out the other side through a 500m cave. This trip will definitely leave you ready for some refreshing beverages. So the next stop is to experience a tasting tour at the local Destileria Barako where they make the famous Blue Pea Gin and mouth watering Salted Caramel Liqueur. This is a full day trip so be ready for a on action packed day!

Boracay Water Activities

Boracay water activities have just started again as of November 5th. So if you are keen to do parasailing, banana boating and jet skiing then you are in luck! Boracay water activities are now held further offshore so they are not obstructing the beautiful view or harming the nearby reefs. Boracay parasailing is one of the best ways to get a thrill of a lifetime while enjoying the spectacular views of this beautiful country. Boracay banana boats are a fun way to enjoy a cruise around with a refreshing splash with a group of friends since you can ride up to 10 people on one banana boat. Boracay Jet skis are the fastest way to tour Boracay by sea and enjoy the rush of adrenaline at the same time.

Boracay tour – Land tour.

Take a Boracay tour on land and check out all the improvements made to the island! No need for Boracay water activities when you can cruise around the island and stop off at the highest viewpoint of the island to check out panoramic views of paradise. Then cruise on to a secret beach to do a quick snorkel before heading to the famous Puka Beach to pick up a souvenir or just enjoy the second longest beach in Boracay.


Massages are no longer available directly on the beach but have no fear there still are lots of shops open ready to give you the pampering you deserve. There are fantastic lava stone massages, and couples indulgence packages.

Paraw sailing

The iconic local sailing experience of the Paraw sail boat is also back in operation. A trip to Boracay wouldn’t be complete without a sunset cruise with the wind in your hair and the warm splash of the Sulu sea cooling you down as you soar along White Beach.


Yes that’s right! Mermaid experience is available here once again! Fulfill your dream of being a mermaid and learn how to use your solo fin for a spin around the seas. If you aren’t much of a swimmer there is also just a photo shoot available for you to show off your new tail to all your friends on social media.


If you haven’t tried the Segway then I must say this is a very fascinating way to navigate on two feet. You will get the feel for it quickly and will be racing around in no time to explore Boracay’s largest private property. End the Boracay tour on a private beach for a quick photo shoot to make all your followers on social media envious of your travels.
Horseback riding
Live out your cowboy fantasy in a paradise setting! Go for a ride on the largest property in Boracay and end up for a quick trot on a pristine beach. Now that is the way to tour Boracay!

Pub crawl

Yes the party lives on in Boracay and even though it’s modified a bit since not all the bars are open yet, there still are plenty of locations to enjoy an icy cold beverage or 3. Make new friends and enjoy party games, dancing and a night to remember depending on how many icy cold beverages you partake in.

Kite boarding

Kite boarding has just reopened on Bulabog Beach and it is ideal for any skill level! The crowds are not back yet in Boracay and so you might even find that you are the only one out surfing! This will be the only time this will ever happen so come get it while it lasts!

Stand up paddle

Stand up paddle boarding is a nice non way to enjoy some exercise while taking the beauty of white beach! Not to mention you can show off your skills and Boracay Beach Body to the beautiful people you will pass by.

Luxury sailing

There is nothing like being on a beautiful yacht sailing around Boracay in style like a Luxury sailing trip on Mahal! Enjoy the finer things in life as you cruise around the island basking in the sunshine and eating delicious treats and icy cold beverages. Let all the worries in the world drift away and settle into your vacation in style!

Legacy Gym

Maybe all this leisure has got you feeling overly gluttonous and has filled you with the desire to work out. There’s nothing like getting back to beach bod form like a MMA workout! Check out Legacy Gym Boracay to train to be a fighter or just work off all the delicious food and drinks you have been enjoying on vacation.

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