List of Love Boracay Events 2019 and 2020 (Formerly Laboracay)

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The weekend of Laboracay is nearly here and things will be…. different.  This year, Laboracay has been rebranded to “Love Boracay” and the focus of the event changed.  In the past this weekend was smashed up around wild parties, all night dancing & friends meeting friends, making friends, making legends. In 2020 there will be parties, there will be dancing, there will be crowds – But not with the amped-up frenzy & pomp that we’ve seen in past years.

There are still many events you can attend with friends and family this year that are more reflective, eco-friendly and cultural.  Check the list of Love Boracay events below, and do enjoy your vacation!

Are you hosting a “Love Boracay” event? email us here:  We’ll keep the list ongoing and updated. Note that below media is for 2019, no schedule has yet been released for 2020, but check back because we’re working on it!

  • 26th: Ati-Atihan tribes parade, Paraw Regatta & Sail Painting, Summer Street Party
  • 27th: Sustainability & green architecture talks, water festival, Arts & music night
  • 28th: Beach Cleanup, Sustainability talks, Law Enforcers Night: Variety show
  • 29th: Department of tourism events and activities
  • 30th: Drone film festival and victory party
  • May 1st: Ocean Lovers night, Dive fest awards

boracay-drone fest


love boracay food festival

From April 26 – May 01 between Five and Ten PM enjoy food, music, and fun along the Laketown Boardwalk, close to D’mall. Proceeds will go to assist Boracay Rehabilitation.

whitehouse love boracay

Check out the Love Boracay Celebrations at White House Beach Lounge and Los Indios Bravos. Quality Craft beers At 50 Pesos between 5 and 6 pm. You would be hard pressed to find a better deal on high-grade suds anywhere.

Two Brown Boys – Saturday, April 27th – 50p !!

2 brown boys

Local favorite hangout bar “Two Brown Boys” is offering 50p shots of Sirena Carmel Vodka Until midnight on Saturday, April 27th. Stop by and toss a few back with some of Boracay’s finest ladies and gents.


New Boracay Activitieis 2019

When is “Love Boracay”? April 26th – May 1st




  1. Marj says:

    Hi! May I know when will be the opening date for Love Boracay 2020? Thank you! 😊

    • Hi Marj,

      Greetings from Boracay!

      In regard to your concern, we are sorry to inform you but La Boracay will no longer be held as the local government of Malay implemented new rules such as no beach fireworks, no beach buffet’s and no drinking (or smoking!) on the beach.

      For your reference, please visit this link:

      I hope I have addressed your concern. Feel free to let us know if you have other concerns.

      Best regards,

      Landline: +63 36 288 9999

      • Marj says:

        Hi! My apologies. I meant LOVE Boracay. I understand that the 2019 schedule above were Love Boracay events. We just want to make sure that we are at the opening date to witness the opening events. 😊

        • Hello Marj,

          Thank you for getting back to us, with regard to your concern for the opening of Love Boracay is on the 26th of April until the 1st of May.

          As of now, we don’t have any schedule for the List of Love Boracay Events.

          I hope I have addressed your concern. Feel free to contact us for further assistance.

          Best regards,

          Landline: +63 36 288 9999

  2. Jane rivera says:

    What are the must see affordable places and must try activities in boracay? Any upcoming events? Thanks.

  3. Naskie Loyola says:

    I have a work in caticlan and planning to drop at boracay for one day. What should i do to get one day pass?

    • Hello Naskie,

      Thank you for reaching us.

      We are pleased to inform you that if you have an Identification card stating that you are a Malay citizen/workers there’s no need for you to pay Terminal and Environmental fee, all you need to pay is for boat fare going to Boracay.

      I hope this information helps, Let us know if you have clarifications.

      Best regards,

      Landline: +63 36 288 9999

  4. Adia Seba says:

    Where can seniors go dancing? We’ll be there.May 3 to 6 2019. Any events?

  5. Adia Seba says:

    What place in.Boracay.can you
    recommend where seniors.can go dancing?

  6. Eric Martino says:

    I will be on Boracay between the 26th and 28th. can you recommend one event to attend that isn’t difficult to get to and that senior citizens and pets would enjoy?

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