LaBoracay 2018 Cancelled? What you Need to Know

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At the time of this blog post, it does appear the Aklan Provincial government has cancelled all festivities surrounding LaBoracay 2018. In a public Facebook post. Kat De Castro stated:

“The Provincial Government of Aklan has cancelled ALL Laboracay parties.

For strict implementation. Please be guided accordingly.” – Kat De Castro

While the 2018 LaBoracay parties may certainly be cancelled, many guests will still arrive on the island for vacation. At the current time, this means that the larger LaBoracay events will not be allowed to operate, but Boracay Island will remain open for tourism.

This year, the party scene may be more subdued, but Boracay is still Boracay. It won’t be the ocean swimming, jungle bashing, speaker thumping dance party of previous years; but there are things you can still do on the island to get your party on (providing a curfew isn’t implemented).  In either event, we’d like to point you to a complete list of all activities on the Island which you can use to ensure that you still leave the island ultimately content,  with great photos and a great experience.

#1. Main Land Adventures
No LaBoracay got you down? Try going to the mainland for a jungle adventure. Have a few drinks in the river and experience the real Philippines.

#2. The Pub Crawl
Were you intent on having some drinks and touring the islands local party spots?  At the time of this writing, the pub crawl is still in operation.

#3. A Sunset Boat Cruise
A staple of many vacations is a sunset boat cruise. Most of the large boats plying the island have a great view and a good sound system. Its a unique style of party that is both exciting and relaxing, and takes you through the short and long end of both feelings throughout the duration of the cruise.

#4. Follow year heart. Book any of these other activities in advance or at the last moment.


LaBoracay is one of the top annual parties on the island. It will be cancelled for 2018 but we sincerely hope that guests still coming to the island find other ways to enjoy the island to its fullest!

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