Dos and Dont’s after opening

Posted on by Ren

Boracay has reopened for business and many changes have been made, and many are still ongoing. It’s becoming clear to locals that things are going in the right direction and much work is being done. New water and power infrastructure is being added every day.

The roads have widened and sidewalks are being installed. With all these changes have come a preliminary set of rules intended to help make all these new exciting changes more sustainable. Many of these new Boracay rules apply to local businesses, but some, especially in terms of the general welfare, apply to travellers and tourists.

There is a general smoking ban in public places. Smoking in these public places may incur a fine. You can usually ask your local business proprietor where it is ok to smoke. Very clearly, smokers should not smoke near places with more foot traffic, such as the white-beach beach front, D’mall and other main shopping areas. If you are bringing a pet to the island for an extended stay, note that they are no longer allowed on the front beach areas.

In the days of old, parties often spilled out onto the beaches. Along with plenty of human pollution.  These days, parties stay in the bars. The nightlife is still great, and you can still enjoy the beaches in the evenings while having a drink or two, just leave your drinks inside the bar/pub/club to enjoy.

While some of the new rules may at first seem heavy-handed or overly controlled, especially to old hardened party travellers, this is not how it feels on the beach. Things feel very much the way they used to. People still have a great time, there is no authoritarian presence. Just a few new rules to keep our beaches kicking it into the next decade.

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  1. blank Shell says:

    Hi, if i would move there with my pet dogs, means there is no beach on the island where they can have a swim and run on the beach? Or only not allowed on the main tourist beaches?

    • blank Admin says:

      Hello Shell!

      We tried to ask for the ordinance regarding the dogs on the beach however we are unable to get one. Base on our experience, we can see dogs on the main beach but not allowed to go swimming.

      Hope this information helps.

      Best regards,

  2. blank Jen says:

    Hi I just wanted to ask if vaping is allowed in boracay?

    • blank Admin says:

      Hello Jen!

      Yes, vape is allowed in Boracay. However, please check with your hotel if they have designated areas for vaping and smoking.

      Happy to help!

  3. blank Ashe says:

    Does vaping/E cigarettes allowed?

  4. blank Pat says:

    can i bring my dogs with me when i go to boracay?

    • Hi Pat,

      Thank you for reaching us.

      Please be inform that no live animals will be allowed on board. Exceptions are dogs, cats, rabbits and other household pets, provided that the passenger presents a Quarantine Permit and the animals are properly caged. To be allowed to board, animals should be properly caged or packaged and are not allowed to be kept in the passenger area. All live animals transported by the Carrier shall be at passenger/owners risk.

      I hope this information helps, feel free to contact us for further assistance.

      Best regards,

      Landline: +63 36 288 9999
      Email: [email protected]

  5. blank Can my sister base in canada purchase my tickets without presenting the actual card on our arrival says:


  6. blank Can my sister base in canada purchase my tickets without presenting the actual card on our arrival says:


    • Hello Wilfred,

      Thank you for raising us your concern

      We are pleased to inform you that you need to provide the scanned copy of their credit card and present it to the airport upon checking.

      I hope this information helps, Let us know if you have further clarifications.

      Best regards,


  7. blank Michael says:

    Hi, I want to bring my family to Boracay in December, but I can’t find any link that says water sports are available on the beach, and that the restaurants are open again. What is the current situation? Thanks for your help.

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