Doctors Clinic and Hospitals on Boracay

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-Boracay Medical Clinics and Hospitals-

There are several Medical Clinics on Boracay and one Hospital. For some tourists planning to come to the island, it’s important to understand the quality and availability of medical care on Boracay. To be frank, most serious or emergency conditions can’t be taken care of on the island and transport will have to be arranged to Kalibo or Manila depending on the nature of the emergency. Think of Boracay like a field triage while you wait to get to a place with proper medical facilities.

For smaller less pressing issues, Boracay has many competent physicians and clinics coupled with pharmacies that will solve most ‘issues of uncomfortable’.  In the event of a serious issue, the local clinics are able to dispatch an ambulance to the event area, and medical land transport, local air transport, or even international medical transport by air can be arranged.

Hospitals on Boracay

St. Gabriele’s

St. Gabrielle Hospital Boracay

A newly constructed hospital has finally arrived on Boracay.  St. Gabriel’s is a primary care hospital open 24 hours with X-ray facilities and other more modern equipment. While it is classified as a hospital, for serious cases St. Gabriel acts as a stabilization facility while transport is arranged to one of the more metropolitan facilities in the Philippines such as Kalibo’s provincial hospital or St. Gabriel’s main facility in Kalibo.   This hospital has a capacity of 30 beds, there are no shared rooms available, all rooms are private & air-conditioned. The cost is 3,500 – 4,000 pesos per night should you need to be admitted.

The cost for a visit and initial assessment is 500 pesos from 6:00 am until 10:00 pm and from 10:00 pm until 6:00 am the price is 800 pesos. To get in touch call 288-9911 from a local landline.

St. Gabriel Boracay Hospital

Medical clinics on Boracay

Scandi Medical Clinic

Scandi Medical Clinic On Boracay

This 24/7 clinic is run by Dr. Mark and located near the front area of Aqua Boracay. It’s not very busy and the turnaround time for a visit is usually very quick. There’s a drugstore in the clinic for convenience. This clinic is highly recommended by locals for its accessibility, hotel visits can be arranged as well. The consultation fee is 700 pesos for tourists on the island and 350 for locals with a valid Barunguy ID. To get in touch with Scandi, call 09998927526.

scandi medical clinic on boracay google map

Metropolitan Doctors clinic


Metro doctors has two medical clinics on Boracay in both Station two and three. There are between four and six doctors available in the station three clinic. They can provide urgent care, local and international medical transport by air, and have a hyperbaric specialist available for complications related to scuba diving. The price for a consultation is 750 pesos for travellers, while locals with a valid ID can avail of a 60% discount and house calls (hotel) can be arranged. There is a satellite clinic in Caticlan as well, in the event that stabilization is required while transportation is being arranged.  This clinic will take credit cards and also works with several medical insurance companies. To get in touch with Metro Doctors call 288-6357 from a landline or +09189263112 via cell.

metro doctors boracay clinic google map


For everything else, there’s always Dr. House, MD 🙂

Dr. House MD on Boracay

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