Dentists on Boracay – 2021

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-Dentists in Boracay-

There are several dentists on Boracay. Three of these clinics are accredited on the island and well-received by locals. There are few things worse than nagging tooth pain, especially if you’re supposed to be on vacation. Good news – for most issues Boracay has you covered. For those that live on the island or are planning to stay long term, ‘oral maintenance’ services such as scaling, polishing, or whitening are also available.

Tooth Fairy Dental Clinic on Boracay

tooth fairy dental clinic boracay

As with all dental clinics prices vary depending on the nature of the work. The price for scaling, polishing or finishing is 700 pesos and the consultation fee is 250 pesos. The clinic is conveniently located near D’mall. The waiting time for a walk in consultation is usually not that long. To get in touch with the clinic, Phone (036) 288-5920



St. Angelique Dental Office


This clinic has a wide menu of services to choose from as well as the ability to do regular dental work and emergency repairs. It’s an accredited clinic and takes walk in patients. To get in touch call (0 36) 288-3366

angelique dental clinic boracay

Valencia Happy Smile Dental Clinic

Boracay Ortho clinic happy smile

This accredited clinic is located near Laketown on the second floor of a housing unit. Dental x-rays are available at 500 pesos should they be required.


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