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Boracay Station 3 is probably best known for its cheap accommodations, and with good reason. You can find accommodations as little as PHP 500.00/night, which is a great deal considering that you get to experience the same stretch of white sand as those people who are paying many times more for their accommodation. You can also understand why visitors who plan to stay on the island for quite a while would rather stay in Boracay’s Station 3 area as they are able to make their pesos go a long way.

I actually think that Boracay Station 3 can be a bit underrated. The Station 3 area is really quite peaceful.It’s a nice place to just sit back on the beach and unwind without the crowds going by or music being projected out onto the beach.And if you are itching for some action, Station 2 is just a short walk away.The sand towards the south end can also be just as fine and powdery as the sand in Station 1, with beach front resorts that are just half the price of some of the high end resorts in other stations. For a complete listing of our Boracay Station 3 resorts you can click on the following link

Boracay Station 3 is also known for having some good restaurants.You will find that people who are not staying in Station 3 will actually venture out to that area just to try some of the much talked about restaurants, such as the Mexican cuisine of Bolero, or the excellent international offerings at Blue Mango. You can also find the locals hanging out at Red Pirates and Jungle Bar, where it is a truly wonderful experience to watch them play their bongos and other instruments during their sunset sessions.

So if you don’t want to spend too many Pesos on your vacation, Boracay Station 3 might be the ideal place for you to stay. You will still enjoy this gorgeous island as much as the next person, and at a much more affordable price.

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    I’ve heard so many things about boracay. And i believed that this place will be perfectly for relaxing…

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