10 Reasons to live in the Philippines!

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The ten reasons are then 10 pictures that communicate the raw beauty and joy of everyday life in this country. These pictures were previously posted publicly on my Instagram account (andrerodrigueslopes) and specifically with the Hashtag #thereislifeinthephilippines.

Hi there fellow traveller, I am André, the Product Manager of Myboracayguide.com. I don’t usually blog but this time I needed to ask the My Boracay Guide team in charge of the blog to let me give my testimonial as a recent convert to to growing group of lovers of the Philippines!

Being a Millennial (Born in the 80’s) I’m also a fan of communicating via different means. Until the age of 20 that meant SMS + Snail Mail, today its a mix of several chat clients, Skype and.. most recently.. Instagram and almost purely image based communication (not a Snapchat fan though!).

So my top 10 Pictures which I hope will entice you to travel and dive into the many beauties of this incredible country:

1. You will find the beach you dreamt about and you will doubt that you are awake!

Tikling Island, Matnog, Border of Luzon with Samar

Field of dreams #tikling #bicol #thereislifeinthephilippines

A photo posted by Andre Lopes (@andrerodrigueslopes) on

2. Everywhere filipino smiles will warm your day.

Matnog, Border of Luzon with Samar

Perfect smile. #thereislifeinthephilippines #Matnog

A photo posted by Andre Lopes (@andrerodrigueslopes) on

3. You will find waterfalls that hard to get to but.. harder to leave behind!

Batad, Ifugao, Luzon

#batad is a must see #thereislifeinthephilippines

A photo posted by Andre Lopes (@andrerodrigueslopes) on

4. Reasons to smile are too many to count if you are young!

Malay, Aklan, Visayas

#aklan #thereislifeinthephilippines #fujix100

A photo posted by Andre Lopes (@andrerodrigueslopes) on

5. But also if you are not so young anymore!

Manila, Metro Manila, Luzon

"She thought at this age I couldn't pull it off like that anymore… Imagine her face.." #thereislifeinthephilippines #binondo

A photo posted by Andre Lopes (@andrerodrigueslopes) on

6. There are highways to heaven.

Bohol, Visayas

#taxi #thereislifeinthephilippines

A photo posted by Andre Lopes (@andrerodrigueslopes) on

7. But there are many promised lands.

Las Cabanas, El Nido, Palawan

#lascabanas #elnido #thereislifeinthephilippines

A photo posted by Andre Lopes (@andrerodrigueslopes) on

8. You can travel solo but you will make friends.

Caramoan, Bicol, Luzon

Travel solo = make friends #thereislifeinthephilippines

A photo posted by Andre Lopes (@andrerodrigueslopes) on

9. You will feast on exotic food (and even exotic wine!)

Pagudpud, Ilocos Norte, Luzon

Illocan Empanada! #thereislifeinthephilippines

A photo posted by Andre Lopes (@andrerodrigueslopes) on

10. And you will never want to sunset your stay in the Philippines.

Boracay, Visayas

Amazing Boracay #thereislifeinthephilippines

A photo posted by Andre Lopes (@andrerodrigueslopes) on

So thats it and see you soon in Boracay or around the amazing Philippines, a country you will want to live in!

If you want any travel tips just contact me [email protected] or our blogger Samantha at [email protected]

André Rodrigues Lopes



  1. jack says:

    I lived in the Philippines for 2 years..and they were the Happiest times if my life…the people..the places…there way of life is unbelievable..so resialiant…so ❤ are the people…hands down…the world could take lessons from there life style and compasion both for each other and for foreigners like myself….To have experienced life there is Priceless…may God Bless the Philippines…jack

    • Hello Jack!

      Thank you so much for having such wonderful things to say about the Philippines. We’re glad you had a good experience and we’re grateful to have such gracious visitors such as yourself. Come pay a visit again soon!


  2. Matthew Talob says:

    It is true that the philippines is such a wonderful place. With its beautiful tourist spots, delicious food, and the warmth and kindness of the service given by the ever-smiling people living in the archipelago, how can you say no to visiting it. I really thank the ones who posted this blog. I would also like to add the pahiyas festival celebrated in Lucban, Quezon. It is a very beautiful celebration especially the colorful decorations you will see on the streets, and the very talented dancers performing for the festival.

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