200,000 Boracay hotel reservations and 800,000 guests over a ten year span have taught us a few things about hotels, hospitality and guest acquisition in the Philippines.

MBG Hotel Management is focused on luxury villas and quality boutique hotels. We bring a decade of Boracay hotel business experience, a veteran professional team, and an emphasis on sales and marketing. We pair our large number of MBG guests with quality accommodations that we know and love. We create synergy by incorporating end-to-end management and control of the product with aggressive, sustained, online sales campaigns in an increasingly competitive market.

We have the experience, staff, & time to bring granular control onto your online reservation platforms.

The free Trial

We invite qualified Villas and resorts to opt into our 30 day free trail program. For the first month we’ll aggressively setup and manage your front facing online portfolios and increase your revenues. The 30 day free trial is a calculated bet on our part. We bet that you’ll see the value we bring and decide to continue doing business with us. It’s that simple. Should you be the first business to decide not to move forward with our services after 30 days, we will exit gracefully leaving you in full control.

Booking Management

New Professional Website
All online/email guest support
OTA booking manager
OTA listing optimization
Dynamic Pricing Implementation
OTA Rate Parity Intelligence weekly
Channel Management Software Free

Revenue Management

Booking Management Plus

Marketing Campaign
Pay-per-click Limited
Paid Advertising Limited
Basic on page SEO
Social Media
Guest Acquisition Expansion
Competitor Monitoring
Pre Guest arrival email
Post Guest depart review requests
Google My Business

General Management

Booking Management Plus
Revenue Management Plus

Hospitality Oversight
Staff Oversight
Hospitality Training
Staff Training
Operational Leadership
Guest Key-in/Key-out
Room Warming
Maintenance Reports
TripAdvisor Pro Limited
Property Management Software Free

Complete Management

Booking Management Plus
Revenue Management Plus
General Management Plus

Legal Support
*Multiple Unit Owners
*Involves Construction
*Involves Homeowner Association

3 Guarantees!

Guarantee #1.

MBG will always add value to your villa or hotel operation. If we don’t increase your occupancy and monthly revenue, we are happy to waive that’s month’s fees.

Guarantee #2.

No contracts! At any time, in the event you are not completely satisfied with MBG management, we are happy to conclude and endorse with 30 days notice.

Guarantee #3.

MBG will increase your bookings and price per night by 15%, pay for the software and advertising from our fees, AND we’ll do all of the work. There is literally nothing to lose, and we guarantee it. We take work off your plate, and put money in your pocket. It’s that simple.

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