MBG Resort Teambuilding workshops

MBG Hospitality is running a series of workshops every week for the next month and a half. The goal is to unify and maximize the advantages of working with a larger team.

We all have a lot to learn, and a lot to learn from each other.

All workshops will have a quick 30 minute theme, followed by general question and answers, then will follow with some food/bbq (and beer)

#1 Get to know. Announcements, Teambuilding,

Introduction to MBG, Bringing People together, How we can help each other.


#2 Guest checkin/registration procedures. Room warming. Staging.

One of the Most important Guest engagements; VIP checkins and perfect room intros

August 1 DONE @MBG HQ

#3 Reviews, guest email address. Handing complaints. Satisfied guests,

Reviews are everything. We ALL measure our collective success based on guest reviews

August 8 @Mandalay Villa

#4 Activities, Transportation, Reviews Again! Recap, Towels, Staging Rooms

Most important for “Off White Beach” Properties = White Beach Access! Plus Plus

August 15, 2017 @MBG HQ

#4 Discussed guest reviews. Review SOP and Chain of command.

Open discussion of how MBG can improve & increase support.

November 21, 2017