Butler Service

Each guest wants to be treated like royalty, especially on vacation. MyBoracay Villas offers a specialized Butler Service that can cater to your every whim personally and professionally. From unpacking your luggage and serving your meals, to special requests – Your butler will deliver.

Ultra Villa BBQ

A BBQ night with friends or family at the convenience of your own villa. An assortment of high-quality meats; beef, pork, chicken, lamb – plus deliciously “prepared for BBQ” veggies. No need for travelling to crowded restaurants and waiting for orders, just enjoy a spread of meats and have a cookout!

Live Music

Have plans for a romantic dinner surprise, or maybe just feel like having your favorite songs serenaded while staring out at the ocean? Maybe you’re looking for something more lively for a party. Our local island performers would be happy to sing and play your tunes in the privacy of your own villa.

Villa Massage

An island holiday wouldn’t be complete without trying a local massage. Our on-call therapists offer a signature massage in the comfort of your villa! An hour and a half of pure relaxation from a professional therapist using quality organic oils is the perfect way to cap off your vacation.

Villa Yoga

Need time for some meditating amidst the partying while taking in the fresh ocean breeze? Feel free to stretch out your muscles at the comfort of your own villa as our personal yoga instructor visit you and provide lessons based on your needs — whether you are a beginner or an experienced practitioner.

Wellness Package

Get some real rest and relaxation! Looking to recover after the Boracay parties? Or was rest the whole purpose of your vacation? Detoxify and unhinge with our full wellness package that includes twice daily fresh juicing, twice daily organic healthy meals, and one yoga session at the famed Mandala spa.

Villa Fridge Loading!

Our Villas come with fully equipped kitchens and we would be happy to load your refrigerator with everything you need for your holiday! Feel free to supply us a list in advance or upon arrival. We will complete all the shopping with fresh vegetables, meats and fresh catch of the day. Don’t forget we can also arrange for a cook or a chef to do the legwork on your meals.

Golf Package

Thinking of having some tee time? Let us hook you up! Enjoy an exciting round of golf with breathtaking views of white sand beaches and mountain greenery. Golfers can take in the beautiful scenery as they play through the course. There are also other amenities such as massage rooms, tee houses, and a swimming pool to send you on your way to leisure time after your round of golf.

Private Chef

Indulge in your favorite meals cooked in the comfort of your own villa, served hot from the pot. Our chef specializes in amazing breakfasts, fantastic lunch platters, and sumptuous BBQ feasts cooked right before your eyes. Enjoy local classics or foreign delicacies. Send your menu selections well in advance to ensure only the best fresh ingredients can be obtained!

Guitar Lessons

Vacation time is also an opportunity to discover new things. Get in tune with your musical soul and learn how to play the guitar with our esteemed guitar artists as they guide you every step of the way to make own beautiful music to make your island getaway more memorable.

Painting Lessons

Tap into your creative side together with the help of our local paint artists of Happy Planet Boracay. Have a colorful experience and join us with painting lessons from professional artists and produce artwork which will be a perfect souvenir of your holiday.

MMA Instructor

Professional MMA trainers. Managed by Former URCC Champion Ole “Ironfist” Laursen, the MMA Gym offers training for several disciplines, including but not limited to Muay Thai, MMA, Boxing, BJJ, weight loss, strength training and general conditioning.

Baby Sitting Service

A proper vacation will leave you rested, recharged and ready to tackle the challenges of your daily life. By taking a few extra steps to make sure that your children are properly cared for while on your trip, you can provide a space for you both to fully unwind.

Boracay Sunset Cruise

Cruise the shores of White Beach and take in all the sights and sounds of our tropical island paradise. Stop off for some snorkeling, mermaiding, stand up paddle boarding and kayaking, or just relax in a water hammock and listen to the live music.

Mainland Adventure

Mainland Adventures is a must do on any Boracay trip. Escape the beach for a while. Go caving, trekking, tubing, cliff diving, or just lounge the day away by the riverside. Have a full nature getaway perfect for the whole family or bring the whole gang for a unique adventure and bonding experience.