This Tex-Mex classic served with Mexican rice, black beans & our house salsa
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Crispy and mouth-watering – One of our best-seller
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Al Pastor Taco

Pork loin marinated in pineapple and orange juice together with herbs.
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Picadillo Taco

Ground beef marinated abvuela style
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Chicken Taco

Chicken breast served with onions, cilantro & lime
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Shrimp Taco

Premium shrimp served with onions, cilantro & lime
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Vegie Taco

Best choice for vegetarians made of bell pepper, onions & mushrooms
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Cheese Nachos

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Beef and Cheese Nacho

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Mexican Ceviche

Tres Amigos Specialty Fish fillet soaked in lime onions, tomato & cilantro
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Sizzling plate served with our homemade tortillas & our house salsa (seasonal)
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Tres Amigos Tortilla Combo

1 Hard Shell Beef Taco, 1 Soft Taco with Chicken, 1 Soft Taco with Shrimp. Served with our…
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Vegan Menu

Taco Salad

Corn tortilla, mix season veggies, cashew dressing cabbage
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Chili Bean Soup

Red beans, chili, carrots, celery, tomato,
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Vegan Enchaladas with salsa verde

Zucchini, black beans, Mexican rice bell pepper, white onion, red cabbage and cashew dressing
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Ultimate Vegan Nachos

Nacho chips, jalapeño, bell peppers, cucumber tomato, red onion, red cabbage with and cashew dressing & salsa verde.
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Vegan Chimichanga

Mexican rice, bell pepper, sweet potato, red beans & topped with cashew dressing
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