Kid’s Sliders

2 mini burgers with cheese and side of fries
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Beef Sliders

4 mini burgers topped w/ 4 sauces
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The Steampunk Cheese Burger

Classic quarter pounder cheese burger
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Angus Beef Burger

US Angus beef w/ free topping
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Mozarella-Stuffed w/ free topping
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Triple X

500g US Angus Beef w/ free topping and a side of fries potato wedges
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Topless Triple X

500g open-faced burger w/ toppings
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Claypot Rice

Com Tam

Vietnamese BBQ Pork Bagoong (shrimp paste) Fried Rice, pickled vegetables, hoisin sauce and a fried egg
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Spicy jerk roasted chicken and dirty bean rice with pineapple- jalapeño salsa and a boiled egg
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Korean beef BBQ, kimchi fried rice and fried egg
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Fish Sandwich

Beer battered fish with tartar sauce on a polenta yeast roll
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Chori Burger

Garlic BBQ glazed chorizo, whipped cream cheese, crispy fried onions & cabbage slaw on the
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Steampunk Special Selection

Chicken Wings

4pcs chicken with a choice of garlic parmesan or sriracha sauce with fires potato wedges / rice on…
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Steak and Cheese

Steampunks version on the classic Philly sandwich. Sirloin steak, onions, mushrooms, cheddar cheese, mustard dressing and a sour…
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