All Day Brunch

Nonie’s Eggs Benedict

Your choice of Shiitake mushrooms OR Beef brisket hash Served with soft boiled egg, lemongrass hollandaise, focaccia, and…
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Pork & Beans

72-hour crispy pork belly, baked egg and beans in stewed tomatoes served with freshly baked bread
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Chicken Fritata

Chicken longganisa, caramelised onion and local buffalo cheese fritata with side salad
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Adlai Arroz Caldo

Nonie’s twist on a traditional Filipino rice porridge, made with adlai, grilled chicken, soft boiled egg and local…
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Pineapple Pandan Pancakes

Three fluffy pandan pancakes served with braised pineapple, toasted cashew and dulce de leche sauce (Vegan available upon…
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Vegan Sisig

Nonie’s vegan twist on one of the country’s favorite dishes served with freshly baked lavosh (Vegan)
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Hot Latte

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Flourless Chocolate Cake

Flourless chocolate cake, cashew nut and raw cacao nib praline with a calamansi curd (Gluten-free and contain nuts)
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Mango & Sticky Rice

Cebuano style ginger and lemongrass sticky rice topped with mango and raw cacao nibs
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Grain Bowls

Chicken Longganisa

Homemade chicken breast longganisa, soft boiled egg, seasonal greens, mango tomato salsa, adlai
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Beef & Kimchi

Braised brisket hash, soft boiled egg, Nonie’s kimchi, sorghum
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Nonies BBQ Pork

Marinated BBQ pork skewers, soft boiled egg, candied garlic, sauteed greens in coconut milk, barley
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Tempeh Bowl

Grilled tempeh, vegan bagoong, onion, tomato, seasonal greens, water buffalo cheese green mango, adlai (Vegan option available on…
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Vegan Chorizo

Vegan chorizo balls, seasonal greens, sorghum
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Main Course

Tempeh Kare-Kare

Nonie’s homemade tempeh and seasonal greens served with a cashew and coconut milk sauce served organic black rice…
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Bistek Tagalog

Braised brisket of beef, bistek sauce, seasonal greens, local buffalo cheese served with sweet potato mash
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Chicken and Pork Adobo

Grilled chicken adobo, 72-hour crispy pork belly, soft boiled egg, Cavite style adobo sauce, candied garlic, with organic…
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Nonie’s Bao Sliders

Your choice of either: Nonie’s Tempeh /72-hour Crispy Pork Belly / Beef Brisket Hash & home kimchi /…
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Tofu Salad

Grilled tofu, toasted chickpeas, apple, seasonal greens, calamansi dressing (Vegan)
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Tempeh Salad

Spicy grilled tempeh, seasonal greens, apple calamansi dressing (Vegan)
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Chicken Salad

Adobo chicken breast, seasonal greens, local buffalo cheese (contains nuts)
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Pumpkin Soup

With fresh greens and toasted cashew nuts, served with freshly baked lavosh (Vegan and contains nuts)
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Munggo Soup

With toasted ginger and crispy leeks, served with freshly baked lavosh (Vegan)
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Chicken Binakol Soup

With grilled chicken breast, fresh malunggay and ginger in a flavourful coconut broth
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Kimchi Noodle Soup

With Nonie’s home made kimchi, toasted tofu and rice noodles served in a spicy broth (Vegan)
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Beef Broth

Slow-cooked beef broth, rich in collagen and nutrients topped with seasonal vegetables (without toppings available)
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Kombucha is a fermented tea drink which is a source of probiotics and good for gut health
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