Chinese Specialties

Filipino Food

Globy's Flamecakes

Colombian backpacker

Topped with lemon marinated vegetable salad , feta cheese and beef tenderloin grilled to perfection.
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French Tarte Flambee

Topped with savory sour cream , sliced bacon, onion and cheese.
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Korean Specials


Spicy chicken serve with salad
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Spicy pork serve with kimchi & vegetables
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Spaghetti in creamy cheese sauce with bacon parmesan cheese and egg
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Other Dishes

Chicken Satay

Chicken Skewer with peanut sauce & rice
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Kung Pao Chicken

Spicy stir fried chicken served with rice .
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Seafood Tangine

Mixed Seafood with marinated and cooked in oriental spices with tomato , seasonal vegetables served with couscous or…
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Pork Adobo

A dish of the 7,107 islands made from lean pork simmered in its own juice , seasoned with…
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Pineapple Fried Rice

Rice with sautéed beef , tomatoes , green beans , chili finger , fresh pineapple and fish sauce
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Pad Thai Noodles

Stir Fried rice noodles in fish sauce commonly served as a street food and at casual local eateries…
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A traditional dish from latin America combining grilled chicken, beef and pork marinated in savory BBQ sauce and…
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Spaghetti in creamy cheese sauce with bacon parmesan cheese and egg
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Salmon Pasta

Spaghetti with tomato sauce & ground beef
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Salmon Pasta

Spaghetti with salmon fillet and vegetables
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Spaghetti in creamy cheese sauce with bacon parmesan cheese and egg
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Vegetable Pasta

spaghetti & vegetables in herbal cream sauce
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Seafood Pasta

Spaghetti with seafood & tomato sauce
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penne in spicy tomato sauce
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Aklan Pasta

penne with chicken meat sauce in melted coconut cheese & a touch of chili
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minced beef , tomato sauce , mozzarella , oregano & capsicum
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mixed seafood with anchovies , tomato sauce , oregano & capsicum
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Salami , mozzarella & tomato sauce
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tomato sauce , mushroom , mozzarella , onions , capers & tuna
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Prosciutto , mozzarella & tomato sauce
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Vegtable Mumbai

tomato sauce , eggplant , zucchini , onion , carrot , curry & coconut milk
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Pepperoni mozzarella , pineapple mozzarella & oregano
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Chicken Hawiian

Chicken , tomato sauce & oregano
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Mozzarella , tomato sauce & oregano
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Globy’s Favorite

Ham , olive , capsicum , tomato sauce , mushroom and garlic
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Garlic Fried Shrimp

simmered in coconut milk served with turmeric and seasonal vegetables
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Grilled Mixed Seafood Basket

with various dipping sauces , grilled vegetables and French fries or rice ( Good for 2 )
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Salmon Steak

cooked in lime butter served with mashed potato and seasonal vegetables
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Sizzling Tanigue

served with steamed rice and vegetables
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Vegan Specials

Seasonal Vegetable Curry

with tofu serve with pita bread or rice
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Pita Bread

with Hummus and babaganoush dip
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Vegetable Masala

serve with pita bread or rice
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