2. Bites


3 Vegetable Filipino Lumpias with Sweet Chili Sauce
Add to cart 250.00


Filipino pork dish with Calamansi, Chili Pepper and Egg
Add to cart 250.00

Chicken Nuggets

Fried battered chicken with tartar sauce
Add to cart 175.00

3. Salads

Caesar Salad

Romaine Iceberg Lettuce with Croutons and Bacon Bits and Caesar Dressing
Add to cart 300.00

4. Pasta & Risotto

Spaghetti Beef Bolognaise

Spaghetti Pasta in Ground Beef Meat Sauce , Tomato, Onion and Herbs
Add to cart 350.00

Chicken Carbonara

Linguini with Bacon, Mushroom, and Cream Liaison topped with grilled Chicken
Add to cart 400.00

Primavera Pasta

Fresh Vegetables and Herbs in Light Garlic Pesto with Parmesan Cheese
Add to cart 350.00

6. Sandwiches


Middle Eastern Beef Shawarma with Pickles and Lettuce in Homemade Wrapper with French Fries, Side Salad and Sauces
Add to cart 350.00

Club Sandwich

Grilled Bacon and Chicken with Scrambled eggs on toasted bread with French Fries and Side Salad
Add to cart 350.00

Ambassador Burger

Beef Burger with Cheddar Cheese, Grilled Bacon with Sunny Side Egg. With French Fries and Side Salad
Add to cart 450.00

7. Main Course

Baby Back Ribs

Apricot Glazed Baby Back Ribs with lightly spiced Corn and Pineapple. Served with Potato Wedges and Side Salad
Add to cart 550.00

Lemon Grass Chicken

Two Lemon Grass skewers pinched trough Chicken Thigh cooked sauce vide, With Plain Rice and refreshing salad
Add to cart 500.00

Yellow Fin Tuna

Yellow Fin Tuna Steak with Garlic-Butter Sauce, Potato Wedges and Side Salad
Add to cart 450.00

8. Asian Flavor

Indian or Thai Curry

Served with Palin Rice, Bread and Cucumber raitas. Choice of Chicken/ Vegetables
Add to cart 450.00

Nasi Goreng

Indonesian dish with skewers of Chicken and Vegetables with Fried Rice, Egg,  Sate Sauce and Kropek
Add to cart 400.00

9. To Share

Whole Roasted Chicken

Whole Roasted Chicken Marinated with Special Herbs Served with Potato Wedges, Salad and Sauces
Add to cart 650.00


Filipino mixed Seafood and Meat with Bihon or Canton
Add to cart 500.00

Filipino Favorites


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