1. Starters


Thinly sliced tuna and salmon sashimi
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Sesame Tuna Tataki

Grilled Tuna tataki in sesame seeds with Wasabi Mayo
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Beef Carpaccio

Sliced US Beef with truffle oil and Parmesan Shavings
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2. Soups

Chicken noodle and vegetable

Chicken mixed with brunoise of vegetable and noodles with egg drop
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Cream of Pumpkin

Cream of roasted pumpkin infused with cardomom seeds
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Cream of Tomato

Sun riped tomatoes infused with fresh basil leaves
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Prawn & Lobster Bisque

Roasted prawn and lobster infused with Brandy , Pernod Tarragon.
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3. Bites

Three Dips & Toast

Baba ganoush , hummus and tapenade with melba toast
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Marlons Crispy Pata

Portion of deep fried pork leg with soy and vinegar dip and cropek
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Sizzling Prawns

Sautéed prawns served on a sizzling plate with bell pepper and onion
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Sizzling Squid

Marinated squid served on a sizzling plate
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Dutch Bitterballen

Meat based snack with beef infused in a deep fried bread covered ball
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Malaysian Spring Rolls

popiah wrapper filled with vegetables deep fried to perfection
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Pork Sisig

Filipino pork dish with Calamansi, Chili Pepper and Egg
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Chicken Nuggets

Fried battered chicken with tartar sauce
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4. Salads

Chef Jings Mango and Shrimp Salad

Winner of our chefs salad competition. A refreshing combination of shrimps and mango with home made lettuce dressing…
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Tuna Nicoise

Green Beans , Tomato , Potato and Boiled Egg in Vinaigrette with Medium Rare Sesame Crusted seared in…
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Greek Salad

Red Onion, Black Olives, Cherry Tomato, Cucumber and Feta Cheese in Citrus Virgin Olive Oil
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Caesar Salad

Romaine Iceberg Lettuce with Croutons and Bacon Bits and Caesar Dressing
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5. Pasta & Risotto

Black Truffle Oil Mushroom Rissotto

Selected mushrooms and cream cheese. Cooked in Arborio Rice and Truffle Oil
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Spaghetti Beef Bolognaise

Spaghetti Pasta in Ground Beef Meat Sauce , Tomato, Onion and Herbs
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Chicken Carbonara

Linguini with Bacon, Mushroom, and Cream Liaison topped with grilled Chicken
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Primavera Pasta

Fresh Vegetables and Herbs in Light Garlic Pesto with Parmesan Cheese
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6. Pizza

Ambassador Pizza

Fresh topping of Dried Prawns , Squid , Tuna , Salmon and Mozzorella Cheese
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A delightful mix of seafood vegetables sausages and cheese
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Primavera Pizza

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Chicken BBQ

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All Meat

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7. Sandwiches

Turning Tuna

Seared tuna sandwich with tomato and seared tomato mayonnaise
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Club Sandwich

Grilled Bacon and Chicken with Scrambled eggs on toasted bread with French Fries and Side Salad
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Ambassador Burger

Beef Burger with Cheddar Cheese, Grilled Bacon with Sunny Side Egg. With French Fries and Side Salad
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8. Asian Flavor

Indian or Thai Curry

Served with Palin Rice, Bread and Cucumber raitas. Choice of Chicken/ Vegetables
650.00850.00 Select options

Nasi Goreng

Indonesian dish with skewers of Chicken and Vegetables with Fried Rice, Egg,  Sate Sauce and Kropek
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9. Filipino Favorites


Choices of praw, lapu-lapu or pork with vegetables in tamarind broth. Served with plain rice.
550.00750.00 Select options

Beef Bakareta

Slow braised beef with vegetable liver spread. Served with plain rice
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Beef Bulalo

Slow braised beef knuckles in shallots , lemon grass , beans , cabbage , potato and corn. Served…
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Traditional Adobo

Chicken or pork marinated in Soy sauce vingegar , bay leaves and black pepper. Served with rice
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Sautéed minced seafood and meat. Choices of Bihon and canton
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9.1 From the Sea


Prawns on wine potato , Dill Béarnaise and side Salad.
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Lapu – Lapu Fillet

Lapu – Lapu Fillet on white wine potato , Dill Béarnaise and side Salad.
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Seafood Rissotto

Chefs selected Prawns , Tuna , Salmon and Squid with Dill Béarnaise on bed of Home Made Risotto
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Lapu – Lapu & Prawns

Grilled Blue Coral Lapu- Lapu and Prawns Fillet on saffron Risotto Broiled Vegetables with Sauce Dill Béarnaise
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Yellow Fin Tuna

Yellow Fin Tuna Steak with Garlic-Butter Sauce, Potato Wedges and Side Salad
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Norwegian Salmon

Norwegian Salmon Marinated in Soy Sauce with onion and Green Beans, served over bed of Cauliflower-Rice
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9.2 From the Land

Slow Braised Lamb Shank

Sous Vide Braised Lamb Shank in Red Wine Jus infused with Rosemary cumin with Ratatouille and Orzo Pasta.
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Pork Chop

300 grams of pork grilled in Barbeque sauce with lightly spiced corn Choice of vegetable rice , French…
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Smoked Baby Back Ribs

Apricot Glazed Baby Back Ribs with lightly spiced Corn and Pineapple. Served with Potato Wedges and Side Salad
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Lemon Grass Chicken

Two Lemon Grass skewers pinched trough Chicken Thigh cooked sauce vide, With Plain Rice and refreshing salad
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9.3 Shared Dining

Surf & Turf

Best of both worlds! A mix of the seafood and meat platter.
2,850.00 Add to cart

Mixed Meat Platter

Mix of steaks Chops and Poultry Served with Sauces and french fries
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9.4 Steaks

U.S. Prime Angus Rib eye

All steak is served with two-sided dishes and one sauce.
1,650.00 Select options

U.S. Prime Angus Beef Tenderloin

All steak is served with two-sided dishes and one sauce.
1,850.00 Select options


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