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A Spanish-Filipino heritage cuisine that recognizes staples of Spanish food and delicacies of several traditional and modern dishes.
A Mediterranean-inspired with flavorful wraps, handmade pita bread to ensure quality and wholesome refreshments.

Highlighting local and ethical sourced produce and ingredients in a fusion style Filipino inspired menu.

Bringing you the innovative flavour combinations with the best and ultimate burger joint in Boracay!
An international cuisine restaurant with a specialty of Asian fusion, offers a variety of dishes to suit everyone’s taste.
A Lemon inspired cafe’ offers fresh, healthy gourmet cuisine, supreme desserts, and renowned for healthy detox fruit juices.
Derived from the word Aklan promote locally sourced fresh seafood, healthy and artisanal ingredients. A Filipino dish caters to a diverse international palate in which merges to bring food that delights the heart.
The café serves home-cooked meals daily provides both local and international dishes, a delicious delight with every bite.
Japanese cuisine serving a great variety of dishes and regional specialties with other Asian cuisines. Offers a signature aromatic nagisa coffee.
A little slice of India in paradise. A selection of traditional and modern Indian and Indian inspired street food (chaat), curry, chai, and more
A taste of traditional Moroccan, using herbs and spices producing an extraordinary blend of flavors and aromas.
Freshly-made delicious grilled burger and biggest burger on the island with real beef pattie. Or fight your hunger with our special sandwiches and mouth-watering shakes.
Proud to offer a wide range of mouth-watering, delicious international cuisine guaranteed to tantalize at any time of day. Providing guests with a gastronomic experience.
La-ud is a Cuyunon term meaning “far sea,” laot in Tagalog. Provide Filipino and international cuisine that is freshly made, inviting, and flavorful variety of food.
The first to showcase all-Filipino handcrafted beers on tap, paired with quality classic pub food from all over the world.
Niu Ohana literally means The Coconut Family. Offer a unique, enticing, and fun dining experience. Serving International Cuisine.
Cyma prides itself on its delicious food – the idea is PERFECT SIMPLICITY. To preserve each ingredient’s distinct flavor and nutritional value.
Specialize in offering chicken inasal, a unique taste with pure Filipino cuisine and chicken dishes at their best, originating from the nearby city of Bacolod.
A modern Italian restaurant along with a mouth-watering array of authentic dishes that has a menu inspired by the coastal regions of the Mediterranean.
Try out smoke resto that can be hot, smoky, and jam-packed with eager customers waiting to be seated! Bringing all the essence of Filipino cooking to the table for you to enjoy.
Café del Sol offers a wide selection of beverages – from Italian espresso and blended cream frappes, to teas and freshly-squeezed fruit juices, delicious breakfast items, hearty paninis, delectable desserts, and pastries.
An Italian Restaurant serving fresh home roast specialty coffee and a baked to perfection brick fire oven pizza.
An authentic Italian Restaurant, serving rich and delicious Italian cuisine with a huge variety of fresh-baked pizzas, pasta, and grill platters. Treat yourself to a great coffee and exquisite meals.
True Home serves delicious authentic Southeast Asian cuisine, a taste that rhymes with your cravings.
A top-rated Restaurant serving homestyle food and selection of quality Steaks, Ribs, Burgers also offers traditional Filipino dishes.
Tres Amigos Mexican Cantina offers a variety of Mexican cuisines with a spicy side of life and a flavor full experience.
Enjoy Freshly grilled favorites with a delicate combination of local & international cuisine.
Andok’s built its first stall for their family, and today, built to serve every Filipino with meals that are made with heart and quality ingredients.
American fast-food chain that is one of the largest in the world, best known for its hamburgers, cheeseburgers, french fries, featuring chicken products and breakfast items.
Jollibee is the largest fast-food chain brand in the Philippines, highest standards of food quality, service and cleanliness with affordable food products to include its superior-tasting Chickenjoy, mouth-watering Yumburger, and deliciously satisfying Jolly Spaghetti.
Featuring a wide selection of International cuisine that will satisfy your cravings! It also offers the opportunity to wine and dines with the best views and a relaxing atmosphere.
Favorite coffee shop in the island serving freshly brewed coffee and very famous for its signature home-baked Calamansi Muffins where flavor is its originality.
Experience amazing and unique Filipino dishes with mouthwatering international cuisines.
Proudly Filipino, naturally home-cooked, made contemporary. While taking advantage of modern technology and novel ways of cooking and presenting food, keeping the essence and good taste of the dish.
It’s a one-of-a-kind restaurant and watering hole. The Hobbit House has small waiters serving delectable steaks and Filipino food, specialty best-selling drinks like the Green Dragon, and a variety of local and imported beers.
House Brew Cafe offers healthy and vegetarian meal options, as well as flavourful gelatos, pastries, and specialty coffee.
Thai Basil Restaurant uses only the freshest and finest ingredients, with no MSG. Believes in good food and creating a unique experience for all of our patrons.
ARMY NAVY BURGER + BURRITO is a casual service restaurant offering a diversified menu of fresh-made premium quality burgers served with white sesame seed Kaiser Bun and Steak Burrito made with 100% high-quality beef.
We Fuel The Hungry” is a testament to its commitment, innovation, and drive to serve only the tastiest New York authentic style pizzas, loaded toppings, premium ingredients, pasta, and chicken.

Delicious breakfast items, hearty paninis, delectable desserts and pastries. It’s a small homegrown café that’s reached levels of “famous” on…

Drop by for lunch and Enjoy great tasting sandwiches, grillers, and fish and chips. We also offer a wide selection…

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