Boracay Restaurants

If there is anything on Boracay that may compete with the splendor of its beaches it might be the amazing variety of its restaurants. Over the years people from around the world have come to Boracay and fallen in love with the place. They have then opened restaurants featuring cuisine from their home countries, many of them specially importing ingredients. This gives the Boracay menu a variety seen in few other places.

From open air seafood barbeques to fine dining, Boracay really has it all. And one of the best things about Boracay is that no matter where you choose to eat you really can’t go wrong. All of Boracay’s restaurants are sure to be serving some of the best food you have ever had the pleasure to eat.

Real Coffee and Tea

Location: Station 1

Price: $-$$

This is your tropical home away from home. Amazing home baked goods such as peanut butter and chocolate chip cookies as well as the original world famous Calamansi muffins. Whenever I’m going on a day trip I order a picnic lunch to refill my energy from all the activities. This establishment plays home to many of the island’s long time locals thus the saying, Where great minds meet…


Location: Station 1 beside Blue Waves

Price: $-$$

Kasbah restaurant is about enchantment, escape, and romance. With the scrumptious feast of Moorish dishes such as our appetizing hummus harissa, melt-in-your mouth lamb tagine & ambrosial baklava washed down by refreshing mint tea - Kasbah Boracay has established itself as one of the best restaurants on Boracay Island. Combining an exotic North African souk vibe with a relaxed Boracay beach front setting, Kasbah Boracay offers nothing less than an epicurean feast to the senses. Located on White Beach Station 1 near Discovery Shores.



Location: D'mall

Price: $$-$$$

Greek cuisine in Boracay that you must try before leaving the island! Authentic, delicious dishes and efficient, friendly service will bring you back time and time again. Try the famous Spinach and Artichoke Fondue or Flaming Saganaki (cheese) appetizers, Greek salad, Chicken Gyros, or one of the mouth-watering lamb dishes - but really anything you try will lead your taste buds to flavor heaven! Located on a side alley of D Mall, its family style portions also make it great for group meals. Best to call and reserve ahead as it cozy size can get extremely busy.

Try their new Cyma Beach Shack on Bulabog Beach next to Levantin for quick and delicious meals."

Hawaiian BBQ

Location: Station 1

Price: $ - $$

Craving for an authentic fruity Hawaiian cuisine, don't miss the best baby back ribs and Barbeque dishes in the island in a fun, exciting and casual dining environment! Experience the true luau - with our Hawaiian atmosphere, sincerest alohas, good food and course da king ono grinds; we also have Hawaiian dancers and music from time to time.. it would definitely be an unforgettable fun memory for you!


Location: Station 1

Price: $ - $$

Enjoy the newest restaurant that boasts over 100 years of Filipino culinary passion passed on from three generations. It offers a lavish Filipino dishes based on secret family recipe. Relax in a sophisticated ambience that lies in the white beach of Boracay Island. Try the mouth watering "Humba", "Tadyang ng Baka" or "Tinuktok" and leave the island with a taste of a "true legacy of Filipino cuisine".

I Love BBQ

Location: D'Mall Station2

Price: $ - $$

An affordable way to enjoy barbeque specialties such as sausages, burgers and other sizzling dishes. Satisfy your tummy with steaks and ribs in doneness you preferred. I Love Backyard BBQ is located at the D Mall, Station 2 of Boracay. A few steps away from the White Beach, one can indulge to their sumptuous offerings that will surely fill in your hungry tummy and be amazed with their creative walls designed to entertain you.

Don Vito

Location: Station 2

Price: $ - $$

A complete indoor/outdoor setting near the ocean, coupled with expertly prepared and presented Italian food, awarded as 2011 Philippines Best Restaurant by Asia Tatler Dining. Don Vito Ristorante Italiano has become famous for its juicy seafood cuisine, freshly baked breads, finely cooked pasta, authentic Italian wood-fire brick oven baked pizzas, and authentic Italian gelato.

Red Coconut

Location: Station 2

Happy Hour: 4:00pm-8:00pm

Price: $$-$$$

Not satisfied with being one of Boracay's top Resorts, Red Coconut also serves up some great food.  Their nightly seafood barbeque has some of the best perparations anywhere and their wide selection of sandwiches makes for a perfect lunch.  Don't miss the brick oven pizza, one of the best on Boracay.

Lemon i Cafe

Location: D’mall

Price: $$-$$$

One of my favorite places to eat in Boracay is Lemon i Cafe. It’s hard to put my finger on it. It’s just....awesome. Their baguette and ciabatta bread sandwiches are simply amazing. A steak sandwich on a French baguette with caramelized Maui onions, anyone? And don’t miss their large scrumptious salads. And the experience isn’t limited to the food. Thoughtful presentation and excellent service also go above and beyond. Open for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, no matter when you stop in you will surely find something amazing waiting for you.



Location: D’mall

Price: $$-$$$

The Philippines, having a deep Spanish connection, has long been drawn to the gastronomic delights of Spain. Ole brings these delights to Boracay in full-flavored regalia. Ole is whats known as a tapas (appetizers) bar and many patrons come here to order up wave after wave of the communal fare. Another communal specialty is paella, a popular Spanish rice dish. Add to this what I believe is the widest selection of imported beers in Boracay and you have a most memorable dining experience.

Witness our Fajitas Friday and Taco Tuesday nights,10:00PM-12:00 midnight and enjoy the live entertainment by DAGSA featuring Spanish and tribal music at 2nd floor of Ole. Fajitas friday offers your favorite fajitas and margarita while enjoy Tortila Soup or Chicken, Beef Tacos every tuesday nights. Don't miss out the fun.


Location: Station 2

Happy Hour: 3:00pm to 9:00pm, Buy 1 Take 1 Cocktail, Php450 Bucket/6 Beers

Price: $$

Everyone loves baby back ribs and this is “THE” place in Boracay! Grilled to perfection with their secret BBQ sauce, you cannot leave Boracay without feasting at Gastoph. If by some chance you are not a Rib person, they do have excellent fresh salads and other delicious entrées that will quench any hunger. Gastoph is located at the beachfront entrance to D’mall.


Location: Station 2 where D'Mall meets the beach path

Price: $$-$$$

One of the more popular restaurants on White beach is Aria. Aria serves a wide variety of Italian dishes and even has a wood fire pizza oven. Using only the freshest ingredients, many of them imported, the chefs at Aria cook up some amazing meals. With indoor and outdoor seating and its central location, Aria is a favorite spot for people watching. For breakfast, desserts, or coffee check out its sister restaurant Café de Sol right next door.

Try their newly opened Aria Gelato for a delicious ice-cream experience in paradise.


Location: Station 2 near where D’mall meets the beach path

Price: $-$$

Jammers may have been the first fastfood restaurant on Boracay. Run by Miguel, a New Yorker dubbed Boracay’s first lifelong tourist, it serves burgers, hotdogs, fish n’ chips and other goodies 24 hours a day. Jammers is a great place to stop and have a bite after a late night taste of the Boracay Party scene.

True Food

Location: Boat Station 2 just South of D’mall

Price: $$

True Food restaurant brings all the flavors of India to Boracay and throws in a hefty dose of ambiance for good measure. With an authentic Sri Lankan master chef preparing every dish to perfection anything you choose from their extensive menu is sure to please. So sit back and relax on soft pillows listening to the sounds of India while enjoying a meal to die for.

Steakhouse Boracay

Location: White Beach, Station 1

Steakhouse Boracay is a native yet elegant restaurant in White beach Station 1 offering imported Australian and US beef with German-Swiss dishes. It is managed by the German owner himself. Have a fantastic day on a balcony of the restaurant while waiting for sunset and enjoying their delicious tenderloin steak paired with an Argentinean red wine. They are open from 10am to 12 midnight.

Bite Club Grilled Burgers

Location: Station 2 - D'Mall

Price: $$

Burgers of legendary taste and proportion! Dive into a mozzarella stuffed all beef burger or try the giant 1 pound burger to truly know thy carnal instinct. Choose from a selection of gourmet toppings and add some seasoned potato wedges to top of a great meal. Located in the center of D’mall, it is most convenient for an energy top up after shopping or a strenuous water sports adventure.

Crafty's Rooftop Bar and Restaurant

Location: Rooftop of Crafts of Boracay

Price: $$-$$$

If the crowds are driving you crazy or you just want to enjoy a fantastic view of the island then come and take a look on the top floor of Crafts of Boracay Supermarket. Here you will find the best Indian Food on the Island along with the coldest beer and excellent company. If you are a sports lover you can check out many of the televised sporting events and chat with some of the Boracay Expat community.

Heidiland Deli

Location: D'mall, Station 2

Price: $$

If you are looking for a taste of Europe in the tropics make sure you stop by Heidiland.  Here you will discover fine wines, chocolates, and spices, fresh hard to get produce, fresh baked breads, meats and much more.  They will make sandwiches using their fresh produce and deli cuts along with wine and cheese platters that will have you coming back for more.  Located in D’mall, just down from Budget Mart towards White Beach.

Cafe Del Sol

Location: D'Mall, Station 2

Price: $$

Perhaps the best place to get a coffee and people watch in Boracay!  Directly at the entrance to D’mall across from Aria you will not find a better place to chill out and enjoy Barista made coffee while checking out all the talent passing you by on White Beach!  The deserts are to die for! Try the mango Cheese cake.


Location: D'Mall, Station 2

Price: $$-$$$

Japanese dinning at it’s finest in Boracay!  Try the amazing sashimi boat, Tempura, Teriyaki BBQ, Miso Soup and all kinds of fantastic Nigiri.  A fantastic location in the heart of D’mall with Japanese delicacies served up by friendly staff faster than you can say “Oishii”.

Gerry's Grill

Location: Station 2

Happy Hour: 5:00pm until Closing, Php399 Bucket/8 Bottles

Price: $$-$$$

Growing around the Philippines in popularity with new locations all over, this is a great Restaurant to enjoy the Philippines best grilled dishes. The price is excellent value for the delicious fresh seafood and local specialties that you will most definitely enjoy. Gerry’s Grill is located in station 2 on the beach path next to Starbucks.

Sulu Plaza

Location: Station 3

Price: $$-$$$

If you love Thai Food then you are in for a treat at Sulu Plaza! They offer all the usual savory favorites and few that you may not have tried. The fresh seafood is absolutely fantastic! Located in station 3 on the Beach Path you can get a trike to the feeder road of Boat Station 3 or just enjoy a walk on the beach.


Location: Bolabog, Beside Angelique Dental Clinic

Price: $$

If you are looking for a quick meal that won't break your budget, Munchies is the place for you! They offer delicious Mexican and Philippines cuisine that will satisfy your munchies day and night. Try the fajitas or pizza if you are extra hungry. Located in the middle of Boracay near Lake Town on Bolabag road next to St. Angelique Ortho-Dental Clinic. You may also visit their new branch located along the main road of Hagdan, Yapak.

Real Maris

Location: Station 1

Price: $$

Your Boracay holiday is not complete without having the sumptuous selection of Fresh Seafood that the island has to offer. Head towards Real Maris and enjoy the delectable seafood set lunch good for 2 persons that will surely satisfy your tummy. You can also go to the nearest local market and buy your favorite seafood and we will cook it just the way you want it. A treat you never want to miss!!


Location: Station 1

Price: $$

This is a fantastic location for dinning while enjoying the mid afternoon sun or a golden sunset with a famous mango shake or happy hour drink in hand. Delicious Mexican food and traditional Filipino cuisine with a special culinary touch! Located on White Beach station 1, don't miss out on this excellent experience.

Tilapia n Chips

Location: Next to Crafts Supermarket

Price: $$-$$$

Escape the heat in Boracay to this brand new air conditioned restaurant, located next to Crafts Supermarket. Feast on delicious Beer Battered Fish and Chips or a local version served with rice. The prices are great and they also have delicious burgers and a children's menu. Open from 12 noon to 10pm daily.

Tilapia n Chips

Titos Resto and Grill

Location: Station 2

Happy Hour: 9:00pm -12:00am, Buy 1 Take 1 Cocktail

Price: $$-$$$

Titos is a brand new restaurant located in the heart of the action in station 2 White Beach. They serve modern Filipino cuisine that combines the casual comfort of a home cooked meal with the relaxed sophistication of fine dining. Drop by for a quick snack or a delicious meal and enjoy the live music coming from Pat's Creek and Bom Bom Bar.


Location: Station 2

Price: $$ - $$$

Wine and dine in style! Café Christina is a contemporary Filipino-Italian restaurant offering great ambiance and culinary adventure to satisfy your appetite! Gorge on a wide array of appetizers, salads, prime cuts of beef and fresh seafood, while having the amazing white beach in the background.


Sea Breeze

Location: Station 2

Price: $$

Looking for the biggest buffet on the island? Come to Sea Breeze and choose from a wide variety of delectable international cuisines! From fresh seafood and grilled meats to, pastas, rice dishes, and desserts. Sea Breeze is a well rounded spread of mouth-watering food from all over the globe! This is the perfect way to satisfy all your culinary cravings!

8H Bistro

Location: Inside 8Hampstead Boutique Hotel, Balabag Plaza

Happy Hour: Everyday 11am-7pm, buy one take one and discounts

Price: $-$$

The 8H Bistro is known for its many Crab dishes as well as Angus Beeef steaks! Serving Single Malt Scotch and you can even enjoy a cigar in comfort. At the 8H Bistro, you can escape from busy White beach and retreat to a place where the food and service have been confirmed to be top level. Enjoy a signature Copper8 cocktail as you reflect on the days events and wait for the delicious appetizers to arrive. Finish off your meal with a traditional Soda Fountain that will leave you relaxed and ready to enjoy more of Boracay.


Mamas Fish House

Location: Microtel on Diniwid beach
happy hour from 4-7pm.

Price: $$-$$$

Mama's Fishhouse is much more than the typical hotel restaurant & bar. With hotel guests from all over the world, they welcome every guest with the famous Filipino hospitality and bright smiles. The Boat Bar is a native style beachfront bar with a beautiful garden area perfect to enjoy a nice sea breeze with refreshing fruit shakes and cocktails. They serve a wide range of seafood, salads, appetizers, and Filipino cuisine. Try their signature dishes including; grilled mahi-mahi, Mama's Fishhouse burrito, tuna rolls and nothing to do with fish...the chef's burger!!!

Mamas Fish House


Location: Uptown Boracay Station 2

Price: $$-$$$

Indulge yourself in the wide selection of pizza and pasta at Sbarro enormously sliced to satisfy your tummy. New York Style Pizza, Stuffed Pizza, Baked Ziti, Spaghetti, and Lasagna are only few of their popular and must taste dishes. Their commitment to offer good food, fresh ingredients, excellent service and great value for money has brought them to succeed with now over 1,000 outlets all over the world. Visit them inside Uptown Boracay at White Beach Station 2 and try it yourself!


Loacation: Uptown Boracay Station 2

Prices: $$

Need somewhere to take a break from the heat and the beach? Here’s a perfect place for you to sit, relax, and experience sweet offerings from Dulcinea Boracay. Taste their mouthwatering cream puff and mango cake and you will surely go back for more! Their paella valenciana and curros con chocolate are the best sellers! Find them inside Uptown Boracay at White Beach Station 2 and enjoy the air-conditioned classy ambiance.

Golden Cowrie

Location: Uptown Boracay Station 2

Price: $$-$$

Excellent restaurant location, friendly staffs, affordable prices and quality service… those are only few reasons why you should visit Golden Cowrie! The restaurant boasts its truly delightful Filipino cuisines known all over the Philippines. Great dishes you should try are the backed scallops, Pork Sinigang, Crispy Dinuguan, Roasted Pork Belly, Fish Escabeche and Bulalo with meat! They are located inside Uptown Boracay at White Beach Station 2.

Paraiso Bar and Grill House

Location:Uptown Boracay Station 2


A great value for money! Paraiso Bar and Grill offers a great option of Filipino dishes specializing on grilled foods. Choose from various fresh locally caught sea foods and be amazed as they are cooked and served promptly. Fall in love with Boracay all over again while enjoying the beach scenery of the Island and be serenaded with the live entertainment they offer. Come to Paraiso Grill now and let them make you feel special!


7th Note Cafe

Location: Bolabog Beach


7th Note Café boasts its gluten-free menu with a wide option of pizzas, nachos, and desserts. Best sellers are the red wine tenderloin steaks and baby back ribs which it is popular for. Located at Bulabog front beach, the café is just perfect for a romantic dinner under the sky. The best times to visit are every Saturday for the Steak Night and Wednesday for the BBQ Night both starting at 7:00pm until 10:00pm. Don't forget to bring along your partner!


Station Juan Cafe

Location: White Beach Station 1


Chill out at Station Juan Café and experience an exquisite al fresco dining, with a choice of Traditional Filipino or International dishes especially prepared by their in-house chef, Martin Jickain! If you are looking for somewhere cozy to just relax, enjoy serenity, good food and stunning ocean view, then come to Station Juan Cafe! They are located at White House Boracay on Station 1.

Tres Amigos

Location: D'Mall Station 2

Tres Amigos is a new restaurant in D'Mall that offers delicious Mexican cuisines. They have an open atmosphere, fresh, and decorated with cool paintings. They are located inside D'Mall before reaching the White Beach. You must try their burritos, tacos, fajitas, nachos, Mexican ceviche, and quesadillas. They also have the Tres Amigos Combo! Check them out now!

Two Seasons

Location: White beach Station 1

If you think Two Seasons is only well-known for its beautiful resort rooms and amenities, you are definitely wrong. Two Seasons is also branded for its best four cheese pizza in Boracay! They also have different choices of pasta, seafood, salad, and sandwiches. Other options for pizza are pepperoni, shrimp, mushroom and a lot more. Visit them now at the quietest part of White beach Station 1.


Location: Diniwid Beach

With its perfect location at Diniwid Beach, Spiderhouse is known for its quiet ambiance as well as its delectable food. The place is very ideal to hang out with friends and just sit, swim, eat, and photoshoot. They are offering Filipino cuisines, best seller is the Pork Adobo wrapped with shawarma. Their sushi and masala are so yummy too!

Thai Basil

Location: D'Mall Station 2

Fresh. Authentic. Thai. Thai Basil is the newest restaurant in D'Mall that offers authentic Thai cuisines! They are offering a delicious menu of exotic and savory dishes from Southeast Asia that will surely make you come back for more. Try their best seller Pad Thai which comes in shrimp, chicken or vegetarian option and wide variety of drinks display. They are located right at the back of Budget Mart in D'Mall Station 2.

Globy Traveling Chef

Location: White beach Station 1

Known as home of the Boracay Flamecake! Globy Traveling Chef offers delicious food from different countries from around the world. They cook Nasi Lemak from Malaysia, Coq Au Vin from France, Churrasco from Brazil, Adobo from Philippines and Lamb Tanjine from Morocco. They also have various selections of great pizzas. Globy Traveling Chef is a great location to hang out with friends or family and enjoy the beautiful view of White beach.

Astoria White Cafe

Location: White beach Station 1

Relax, unwind and enjoy the breathtaking views of the sunset with your favorite drink at Astoria's beachfront. Astoria Boracay offers its unique tropical style cuisine and Fresh Catch of the Day available at White Cafe. They also serve ala carte breakfast menu from 6:30AM to 10:00AM. Find them right in front of White beach Station 1.


Location: White beach Station 1

A brand new bar and restaurant located directly on White Beach Station 1 where all the action is! This fantastic new addition to Boracay serves Italian food with Mediterranean influences and is managed by an international chef with a diverse background of culinary arts from Italy, New York and Shanghai. Visit them now and be hooked up with their heavenly delectable dishes.


Location: D'Mall

Ka-on is the Tides Hotel's rooftop Filipino restaurant. It features varied, distinct and flavorful dishes that are regional in origin. The concept is simple. The results are sincere. It is familiar yet different. It is simply good Filipino food. Ka-on is open daily from 6 AM to 12 MN. The dining hall neatly converts into a function hall for parties, seminars, lectures, and other events. For reservation, please call the frontdesk of The Tides.

Bamboo Lounge

Location: White beach Station 1

Bamboo Lounge is one of the most well-loved Chinese restaurants in Boracay. Travelers from all over the world just can't get enough of its bestselling lotus rice and lechon macau sisig. In addition to its well-loved delicacies, visitors come back to the restaurant to watch the sunset as Bamboo Lounge offers comfortable seats and a prime view of the white beach in station 1. See for yourself why Bamboo Lounge is a favorite among frequent Boracay visitors.


Location: White beach Station 3

Price: $-$$

Whether it is hot or cold, Chatime has something for everyone’s taste. Chatime provides a stylish, unique tea concept but keeps it healthy, refreshing and fun! There are a lot of options to choose from including Mellow Milk Tea Series, Energetic Healthy Series, Fresh Tea Series, and Smoothies. They also serve tasty burgers and fries to fill your hungry stomach. With its location inside the Tourist Center on the beachfront in station 3, this is an excellent place to hang out with a refreshing beverage on the beach.


Plato de Boracay

Location: D'Talipapa Station 2

Price: $$

Perhaps the best place to eat seafood in Boracay! This is located right in front of the wet market in D'Talipapa where you choose what seafood you like, bargain, and buy it fresh or live. Plato de Boracay offers cooking services at reasonable prices and will cook your fresh seafood any way you like. Some cooking options are grilled clams, buttered crabs, prawn sinigang, and a lot more to choose from. Definitely a great place to indulge in delicious Philippines seafood!

Boracay Terraces Resort

Location: White Beach Station 1

Price: $$

Aside from its perfect location on the White beach, amazing sunset view, powdery white sand, and comfy rooms, Boracay Terraces Resort also boasts its well-loved 7107 baby back ribs and other delectable food served in their beachside restaurant. Order your favorite drinks from their amazing Baroto bar and you are ready to chill by the beach all day long. Visit them now at the end of White Beach Station 1.


The Sunny Side Cafe

Location: White beach Station 3
Price: $$

Sunny Side Café
is known for its all-day breakfast menu and high quality coffee. Aside from its unique cooking style, the place also brings breath-taking view of the beach and provides friendly service.  Must try are their bacon & mango grilled cheese sandwich, angus beef, tapsilog, and The Sunny Side chori burgers. Make sure to order their pancakes too. Visit them at White Beach Station 3 right beside The Sands Hotel.

The Lazy Dog Bed and Breakfast

Location: Bulabog

This cozy hideaway located in Bulabog area is a perfect place to hang out and relax while allowing you to forget everything outside the door. They serve tasty local and western dishes in their chill-out garden. Their popular Vietnamese-style coffee is also a must try. The Lazy Dog is only a few minutes away from the famous Kiteboarding Bulabog Beach and a quick stroll away from D’Mall.

Once Upon A Time

Location: Main Road, Station 3

There’s no place in Boracay like Once Upon A Time! Discover the newest and coolest hang-out place on the island. Enjoy the fun every night while comfortably watching your favorite movies on a wide screen with a free bucket of crisp popcorn. Other things to look forward to are the art exhibitions, freedom wall, artistic restrooms and amazing playground with giant Jenga, giant twister, board games and beer pong table. Visit them on Main Road Station 3 right across from Boracay Paint.

Papas Minimart and BBQ House

Location: Station 2, Across D'Mall

Quality grilled food items at affordable prices! Papa’s BBQ House is strategically located in front of D’Mall beside Laketown, easily accessible to everyone. Papa’s also offers other Filipino dishes like its signature sisig, fried fish, adobo and a lot more. Beside Papa’s BBQ House is the Papa’s Minimart where you can find instant food items and other toiletry needs. Everything you need is here!

Mamitas Grill

Location: White Beach, Station 1

Perhaps the best crispy pata in the island! Mamita’s Grill is a small but superb restaurant ideally located on the magnificent beach in Station 1 specializing in Filipino cuisines. The best time to visit the place is during night time to experience being serenaded by local country singers. Definitely a good place to enjoy the beach while satisfying your cravings! More dishes you must try are their Chinese chop suey, kare-kare, bulalo and “nilasingnahipon”. Their halo-halo is one of the best as well!

Palay Restaurant

Location: Inside Asya Premier Suites, Station 1

Palay Restaurant is a multi-awarded seaside restaurant located inside the property of Asya Premier Suites in Station 3. It is located overlooking the most peaceful end of White Beach perfect for picture-taking. Palay is ideal for groups and couples as they offer a romantic dinner on the hilltop where you can enjoy the sea breeze and spectacular Island views atop a cliff. They are serving world-class Filipino and international cuisines. Some dishes that you must taste are the chicken alakiev, slow roasted pork ribs, and chicken/pork adobo. They also serve cocktails and beers and are open daily from 7:00AM to 11:00PM.

Swiss Inn

Location: White Beach Station 3

This outstanding restaurant in White beach station 3 is known for its fantastic Swiss Cuisine! You may also choose from their wide selection of Filipino dishes. High quality ingredients are being used to make their food taste amazing. You can also enjoy a wide variety of wines and local beer perfect for an afternoon/evening drink while relishing the beautiful view of the beach. Complete your Swiss Inn experience being treated like a boss by their friendly and caring serving team!

Zest Coffee & Deli

Location: Main Road, Station 2

This new coffee and deli shop on Main Road Station 2 offers not just desserts or coffee, but an experience. The place is artistically designed making a wonderful ambiance and the servers are very friendly creating a comfortable and homey feeling. This is a perfect place to go any time of day as their menu offers breakfast and snacks and indulgent desserts. Some popular desserts they have are the cupcakes, jelly in a jar, smoothies, healthy juices and sandwiches. Don’t forget to order your cup of coffee too!

Sushi Shiro

Location: Bulabog

Sushi Shiro boasts their best-selling sushi assuring 100% satisfaction guaranteed.  It’s certainly both price-wise and quality-wise as you will enjoy what you’ve paid for. The delightful foods are personally prepared by the chef/owner making sure that they are well-presented and served on time. The restaurant is beautifully designed with its artistic wall, utensils, dishes and furniture. Aside from sushi, they also serve other Japanese cuisines such as zarusuba, Nagasaki, tempura, noodles, and yakiudon. Make sure to order some saki as well! Find them in Bulabog, on the way to 7 Stones from the main road.

Natalias Kusina

Location: D'Talipapa, Station 2

The restaurant got its name from its owner’s name “Natalie”. They offer cooking service depending on your preferences and requests. Some famous cooking options are buttered shrimp, sinigang fish, grilled squid, baked oysters and spicy prawns but you can always request whatever way you want it to be cooked. In front of the restaurant is a wet market where you can purchase raw seafood and even bargain by yourself. The restaurant is open from 11AM until 9PM.


Location: White Beach Station 2

Dine in or delivery, Shakey’s pizza does both! Shakey’s has continuously expanded its market nationwide and now has captured the beautiful Boracay Island. Spend quality time together with your family or friends and share delicious meals at Shakey’s Boracay located on White beach Station 2. They have set meals designed for groups or you may order individually from their wide list of options on the menu. Aside from their popular pizza, they also serve pasta, chicken, soup, salad and desserts.

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