Caticlan - Puerto Princesa

Puerto Princesa is a city in Palawan located 306 nautical miles southwest of Manila, pinned between the South China Sea on the West, and the Sulu Sea on the East. Puerto Princesa is the home of a naturally rich, mystical 8.2 kilometer underground river which can be navigated by boat.  This awesome underground river is part of the Subterranean River National Park, has been declared a premier ecotourism destination, and inscribed in the UNESCO World Heritage Lists.  Like many destinations in the Philippines, the diving and Island hopping in Puerto Princesa is excellent.  The island hopping brings you to many islands which have their own unique personalities.  While diving, it's possible to come across highly sought after sights such as Manta rays, whale sharks, hammerhead sharks and more. The Marine ecology in Puerto Princesa is diverse, and very alive. This flight will utilize the Caticlan airport next to Boracay Island and the airport in Puerto Princesa.

Caticlan - Puerto Princesa




  • Pick-up from your Resort

  • Plane departs from Caticlan Airport

  • Cessna 182 for 1-3 passengers

  • Piper Seneca for 4-5 passengers

  • Luggage allowance 10 kg

  • The fastest way to Travel


  • Cessna 172 Skyhawk
    Cessna 172 Skyhawk

    Piper Seneca (4-5 Pax)
    Piper Seneca (4-5 Pax)

    Honda Bay
    Honda Bay

    Puerto Princesa Palawan
    Puerto Princesa Palawan

    Puerto Princesa Palawan
    Puerto Princesa Palawan

    Puerto Princesa Palawan
    Puerto Princesa Palawan

    Caticlan - Puerto Princesa  


    Caticlan - Puerto Princesa Per Person Per Person Price Total Cost
    One Person 122,300.00 PHP 122,300.00 PHP
    Two People 61,150.00 PHP 122,300.00 PHP
    Three People 40,800.00 PHP 122,300.00 PHP
    Four People 43,475.00 PHP 173,900.00 PHP
    Five People 34,780.00 PHP 173,900.00 PHP

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