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Boracay Hotels are mostly located along the beautiful 4km White Beach. Boracay's White Beach is divided into Boat Stations for orientation, although it is one continuous beach connected with a long footpath. Bulabog Beach is Boracay's secondary beach. It is less than a kilometer from White Beach, and is the wind sports centre of the island. The three boat stations have most of the Boracay hotel locations, but there are also some great accommodations and Boracay Resorts off White Beach. The My Boracay Guide has the best Boracay hotel selection (we know our hotels!), great hotel room prices, and available in an easy to book informative online travel guide. Let us help you enjoy your Boracay vacation!

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Boracay Hotels - White Beach, Boat Station 1

This is the North-Western section of White Beach that is home to some of the top Boracay hotels and resorts.

White Beach is at its widest, and it is considered to be to the upscale section of Boracay. Almost all of these Boracay hotels and resorts are directly on the beach, and having most services on-site. The footpath ends, and travel is by foot down the beach to get to central White Beach. There is main road access at the rear of the hotels for convenient travel to other parts of Boracay Island.

Boracay Hotels - White Beach, Boat Station 2

This is the restaurant, shopping, and entertainment heart of White Beach.

Some of these Boracay hotels are high-end resorts while others fall into the budget category. D'Mall is also here, a collection of 100 small tourist shops and restaurants that reach to the back of the main road. This is the shopping centre of White Beach, and where a lot of the action takes place. There are hotels for all tastes and budgets in this area, and this is where most of the tourists will gravitate towards.

Boracay Hotels - White Beach, Boat Station 3

This was the last section of White Beach to be developed.

Most of the remaining White Beach budget and native style bungalows are located here, although recently more upscale Boracay hotels and resorts have been developed to take advantage of this more relaxed atmosphere. It is the quietest part of White Beach. There are some excellent value accommodations, as well as a few of the nicest Boracay hotels. The footpath traffic and tourist density is significantly less than the other boat station areas.

Boracay Hotels - Bulabog Beach

This is the 2.5km long water sports beach of Boracay, and is located on the east side of the island.

From November to April, Bulabog Beach is the kite boarding and windsurfing heart of Boracay. From May to October it is the water sports centre of Boracay. It is a 5 minute walk to D'Mall, 10 minutes to White Beach. There are some fantastic resorts and hotels that take advantage of this unique beach community. The beach is protected by an offshore reef. It is less developed and the Boracay hotels here are usually quieter than those on White Beach. Bulabog has earned the title: "Number One kite boarding beach in Asia."

Boracay Hotels - Off White Beach

These are various other Boracay hotel locations.

Many of the top Boracay hotels and luxury private resorts can be found off of White Beach. Some are more remote, and offer a retreat from the tourists and the more popular beaches. There are a variety of unique Boracay hotels and resorts available around the island. All have shuttle services to and from White Beach.

Boracay Hotels - Beach Houses

Most of the accommodation that lines White Beach is in the form of resorts or hotels, some small, some large.

There are also a limited number of Boracay Beach Houses and Boracay Villas that are available for larger groups or families. MyBoracayGuide has arranged special discounts on these special properties, and we've brought them online with an easy reservation system.

Boracay Hotels - Off Boracay

There are some interesting adventures beyond Boracay Island.

Most tourists never venture further than White Beach. If you are looking for a little more, then we are happy to introduce you to our new and evolving "Off Boracay" section. There are some fantastic beaches, remote islands with diving and silence and adventure. We have a few of our favourite "Off Boracay" Hotels and Resorts in this section, and we will be adding more as we venture out and explore.

This online guide has been built in cooperation with many of Boracay's establishments. This cooperation includes "guaranteed best promotional price agreements with the island's participating hotels and resorts, to the benefit of the users of this guide.

MyBoracayGuide.com has put this information in an easy to use, easy to reserve format, and has secured credit card payment to secure your reservation.

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